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Ken Allen

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(Although I am older), I have been a Green Bay Packers fan since around 1958.
I typically don't follow any other sport or team, to me the Packers are a 365 day a year thing.
I wrote for an Australian Site a few years ago after I first retired from the local PD, and have maintained a GBP message board for the past 10-11 years. I really enjoy doing a 'draft wish-list' every year, even though I don't believe in mock drafts due to too many of them being based upon nothing more than the combine scores. I specifically like finding unknown / lower round picks. It's done specifically for the Packers and we usually seem to get a few players I have listed. (Not bragging, it's just what I've always done.)
I really enjoy discussing the Packers with other fans who have been around a little while and are knowledgeable. Bandwagoners are just too plentiful in the winning years! lol

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