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As a life long season ticket holder of the Gunners up until 2011, getting sick and tired with the complacency and mediocrity of the current management at the Emirates. Love the Gunner's, hate the management.

As a business, Arsenal is second to none. But football is not just about business, it's about the glory. Arsenal and many of it's supporters seem to have forgotten that..

And yes, Highbury was a better place to see a game. Was 5 when I saw my very first Gunners game there and never ever forgot it.

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  • Joseph Football posted 184 days ago

    Joseph Football

    I totally agree with you, it seemed like Highbury had a better atmosphere.

  • The Triumvirate of Brilliance posted 199 days ago

    The Triumvirate of Brilliance

    I've got the the S and the G figured all out. But the T? God knows. Give us a hand son

  • Phil 1stine posted 209 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    Merry Christmas mate - have a good one

  • Jessica Lind posted 254 days ago

    Jessica Lind

    OK, I must have been gone for too long... how are you friends with that Phil 1stine guy?! He consistently attacks me whenever I post. Then all the other low IQ Arsenal fans chime in... getting really annoying.

  • Jessica Lind posted 272 days ago

    Jessica Lind

    Glad to see you again!

  • Pat B posted 325 days ago

    Pat B

    Sad but true. I have little to no confidence in the team for the Group or for the Top 4. Napoli and Dortmund don't fuck around, and with the impressive signings Spurs and Liverpool have made, it's clear they're serious about getting back into European football. But in the case that does happen maybe it will give Wenger a reality check and he'll step down (that is if Stan doesn't need him anymore to satisfy his frugal ways). Then we can get a new manager who isn't focused on profits.

  • Phil 1stine posted 331 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    Excellent - many thanks, not seen this before. The mans a legend.

  • Pat B posted 337 days ago

    Pat B

    After the Villa game are you happy now you cancelled your season tickets? Also do you see any signings on the horizon big or small?

  • Jack Melrose posted 370 days ago

    Jack Melrose

    no response loooooooooool

  • Jack Melrose posted 379 days ago

    Jack Melrose

    Pretty sure it's 'you're dumber'. #backfired