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I am the grandson of the very first great Maple Leafs goaltender Lorne Chabot.After trying my hand at emulating my grampa and becomming the Leafs goaltender myself I decided to retire from the goal just prior to being drafted into the OHL.My decision was made between my father and I after considering how my body might hold up at this level.I was born with cerebral palsy and spina bifida occulta(a hole in the base of my spine).My father just like my uncle were both pro goalies like my grampa and he told me if not for my disabilities I would have been the best goaltender the Chabot family ever produced.So after I stopped playing the game I decided to focus my attentions on my next!Luckily half my genes were from my mother who was an opera singer before marrying that "guy who was a goalie in Omaha" and I shared her passion for singing from an early age as well.I spent the next 25 years of my life rocking Canada coast to coast several times.Along the way I never lost my passion for hockey and followed it intensely.Now as I face life in a wheelchair(my specialist told me getting old is hell on people with CP) I have dedicated my life to writing for several online sites as well as the ocassional newspaper.I also am a rabid worker on getting my grandfather inducted into his rightful place in the Hockey Hall of Fame please spare a moment and sign my petition at
I am highly opinonated but also an extremely funny man as you will find out when I write more articles on the team I live and breathe for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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    Jenny Naude

    what a cute pic of you and your baby girl!!!