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  • Terrell White posted 2291 days ago

    Terrell White

    Check out my latest and let me know what you think

  • Terrell White posted 2361 days ago

    Terrell White

    Check out my article and let me know what you think


  • Terrell White posted 2374 days ago

    Terrell White

    Check out my article and let me know if you agree


  • E. Baca posted 2553 days ago

    E.  Baca

    While the Mastermind is unhappy about being fired from Denver, he sees rage and hate when he looks at Oakland. If he send you a quarterback you can be sure that it is a time bomb that will go off in your team.

  • Terrell White posted 2611 days ago

    Terrell White

    As a blackman and a football fan (also fellow Raider) I wanted to know if you had any thoughts on my article. Here is a link.



  • Randy Lavelle posted 2611 days ago

    Randy Lavelle

    If you didn't get a chance to read and comment on my recent article,Please feel free to check it out.Thanks in advance,Randy

  • Randy Lavelle posted 2649 days ago

    Randy Lavelle

    Here it is,the last of the series:http://bleacherreport.com/articles/329480-ok-raider-expertwhat-would-you-change-if-you-was-al-davis-part-3
    I hope you like it and please leave a comment
    Thanks Randy

  • Mike Craft posted 2650 days ago

    Mike Craft

    Just like a thug Raider fan. You're probably laughing at Haiti because THEY don;t have a Super Bowl ring, too. Hey...why don'tcha go "putta cap in some homey up in O-Town", there, tough guy? The FACT is, I've never said squat to you or about your "team", but you just insulted an entire nation of people you've never met just to further along your pathetic attempt at a life with no gang fights. So here's to you, SR, and the sad, demented, and uneducated minions who are your fans....may you truly receive what you deserve. a cap in your face. It's one thing to cap on the team...but when you go after fans that never insulted after you, you're nothing but a punk.

  • E E posted 2651 days ago

    E E