Christina Fowlkes

Christina Fowlkes


I love sports, but I'm no tomboy. I'm as equally obsessed with the NBA, NFL, and UFC as I am with Fashion, Cooking, Anime, and Classic Literature (especially 19th century English novels). I guess that makes me some what of an anomaly, but I am who I am. I like to share my opinion, and love a good debate with anyone who disagrees.

NBA- Mavs && Lakers (with a closet crush on OKC during regular season only). Some say its impossible to like both the Mavs and Lakers, but I will gladly argue you down as to why this is possible. I'm from Dallas, so Mavs take priority. When the Lakers and Mavs play, I root solely for my home team. However, I was a closet Laker fan for years and finally came out of the closet. yes... I'm a Kobe lover and I'm not ashamed!

I'm a self proclaimed Miami Heat hater, but due to a few lost bets on the outcome of the 2012 finals, I'm not allowed to hate on them for an entire season. SMH

NFL: DALLAS COWBOYS, 'nuff said. win, lose, or lose, or lose... I love my Dallas cowboys. Who do I dislike? Eagles, Redskins, && Saints of course!

UFC: Anderson Spyder Silva all the way, he's the best. I have a fond affection for Matt Hughes, Forrest Griffin, GSP, Jon Bones Jones, BJ Penn, Shogun Rua, Frank Mir, Rampage Jackson, Randy Couture, and Chuck Lidell.
My UFC flavor of the month is Chris Weidemen, who I think could be the future of MW after silva retires.. and Jon Bones Is the present and future of LHW; hopefully HW one day.
There are some super fights I would love to see: mainly between the Spyder and GSP, Spyder and Bones Jones, Spyder and Rashad Evans, Spyder and Rua.. you get my drift im sure…
I can’t stand Rashad Evans, and im so glad Brock Lesnar took his big a** back to WWE.

Catch me on B/R ridiculing some of these ridiculous articles and comments and giving kudos to the good ones, as well as making a few questionable ones of my own! (;

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  • Gym Alien posted 1949 days ago

    Gym Alien

    Jordan or Russell?.... I (GymAlien) pick Wilt! I was just lookin' around and wanted to see what kind of brain fits into that "knocked me out" picture. Winner!

  • Daniel Boston posted 1957 days ago

    Daniel Boston

    You are wayyy cool!

  • DannyBoy posted 1974 days ago


    Wow look at that I got a fan hahaa..Thank you