vishal sharma

vishal sharma


I am big fan of tennis and an equally big admirer of Roger Federer. I live life as the game of tennis. In a wrong profession of research. If I am given a free wish by God, I would ask him a chance to play Rafael Nadal on paris clay.

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  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3045 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    We witnessed an absolutely eventful US Open this time, dotted with numerous incidents. Here's a pictorial compilation of all those moments in the singles draw which stood out and caught our attention during those 15 days.

    Hope u can have a look into it.


  • Barney Corkhill posted 3069 days ago

    Barney Corkhill


    Usain Bolt has left the world speechless again, but how does his Berlin performance compare to that of Jesse Owens 73 years earlier? Have a look, comment, and rate if you have the time!


  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3073 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    No probs...

    yes, that was a big news in the world of sports indeed :)

  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3075 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    A recap on pole-vault queen, Yelena Isinbayeva's shocking defeat at Berlin. Hope u can give it a read.

    Thanks :)

  • Taylor Rummel posted 3076 days ago

    Taylor Rummel


    Ever wonder why professional athletes go broke?:

    Feedback is appreciated.


  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3076 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    Thanks a lot.

  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3077 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    It is exciting time going on in the world of Athletics with Usain Bolt breaking yet another World Record.

    I will be obliged if u can find a minute and have a look at this write-up -


  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3080 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    Hope u can give this a read -


  • Rajat Jain posted 3085 days ago

    Rajat Jain

    Something on Fed, at last!

  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3097 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee


    Wrote an article on Wimbledon doubles Grand Slam champ, Corina Morariu who defied cancer to battle back into the tennis courts and stun everybody. Hope you get a chance to check it out.