My name is Curtis.

I am a contributing writer for Dukereport.com and can be found around Twitter @curtisclontz be sure to follow me!

Recently had this article posted on CBSSports.com compliments of Raycom Sports and BR!

I was the co-owner of The Curtis and Kyle Show, which is no longer running. In roughly 6 short months the site was cited on Yahoo Sports and over 10 different MMA websites including MMAJunkie, MMAFrenzy, and MMAMania.

I have posted many articles, interviews, and opinions throughout the world wide web. I have also been host or behind the scenes with several internet Podcasts and radio shows.

I was also a regular guest host on ESPN Radio 1310's The Fight Zone in Virginia Beach.

I am looking for website partners for my site and would love to help with other sites. I am very interested in getting into more radio, so if you have a spot, hit me up!

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  • Bermuda Bob posted 2686 days ago

    Bermuda Bob

    Hey Mate !!!

    Finally saw Shaq vs. Dale ... nicely done ... I liked that Dale said Shaq did well and that Shaq said drivers were athletes ... plus the height differential, especially when he picked him up like you and I would a little kid !!!

    Rock on !!!
    Bermuda Bob

  • Bermuda Bob posted 2690 days ago

    Bermuda Bob

    Hey Mate !!!

    Shaq is now a Celtic !!! How great is this ???

    I officially predict that he will want to be known as
    "The Big Leprechaun" !!!

    You heard it first here !!!

    Rock On !!!
    Bermuda Bob

  • Tyler Lambert posted 2722 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Hey Curtis, check out my profile and look at my blog "The Sideline Report." I'd be happy to let you write there if you'd like. Just let me know! I'd love to have another Duke writer like myself on the TSR staff.

  • John Doublin posted 2763 days ago

    John Doublin

    Check out this new web-site, join the forums!

  • John Doublin posted 2765 days ago

    John Doublin

    Be sure to join me on "It's Game Tyme" An internet sports talk/call in show hosted by me and fellow B/R writer DawgFather. The topics this week: Pac-10/Big-10 expansion, NBA Playoffs and the Clinton Portis-Lavar Arrington feud.

    Saturday, May 22nd at 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT at:

    I hope you'll tune in!

  • Allen Lopp posted 2855 days ago

    Allen Lopp

    Can NC State beat their recent losing streak?

  • Allie Peck posted 2861 days ago

    Allie Peck

    hey. do u have an IM or something. we can talk? haha. also, how do u htink of hwat to write about, seeing as though u have written manyyyy articles.

  • Darren Wong posted 2929 days ago

    Darren Wong

    Hi Curtis, I've written something with an attempt at humor. Your opinions, feedback or tips on how to improve my humor style would be greatly appreciated.


  • Joshua Lagan posted 2944 days ago

    Joshua Lagan

    Hey Curtis, sorry i've been gone so long, thanks for still being a fan. I just wrote an article about the Top Candidates for the NFL Defensive Player of the year. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  • King J posted 2994 days ago

    King J


    Bro we just completed the extended trailer for our MMA film!