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I'm the athletic analyst, the Copernicus of competition, the inter-league intellectual. I'm from San Diego, CA and an Economics man out of NYU. When thinking about sports, I try to take care of business. That is, I dig for the deeper implications of professional sports. How does the social & economic landscape affect our favorite past-times? Conversely, how do sports affect the social & economic landscape of the world?

But no one can be all work and no play. I'm also very interested in highlighting the interesting oddities and unique facets of professional sports, especially those that make us laugh while also making us think.

I bring the logic back into professional sports. You won't hear me yapping about what trades my team should make or who they should sign, unless I back it up with some numerical/factual support.

My passion for sports and the desire to inform myself and others is immense. I enjoy just about any sport, with my specialties being MLB(Padres) and the NFL(Chargers).

I'm only just getting started here, so the best is yet to come.

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  • Steve Chott posted 3213 days ago

    Steve Chott

    No problem man. Keep up the good articles.