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I was born off of a bus in Baltimore, Maryland. My mother took the family, all 7 of us, to Utah. Strange as it may sound it wasn't a bad place to grow up. I learned a lot in a short time, being the youngest of the children. For instance, I learned that I was never right. That is something that I take with me to this day when it comes to my relationships. I matured very fast and look at life almost cynical. I am very critical of stupidity and righteousness. People do what people need to do. They do it to suppress their appetite for something more. People do stupid things, they also can be smart. It is not that fine of a line. I cross it all the time. It is about happiness and pleasing yourself. I call it faith. I believe in me and believe that what I believe isn't that hard to understand. Simple, to me, matters. Life is my paper and I am the pen. I write.

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  • Terry Robinson posted 3047 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    Hot off the press:

    Give it a look if you have a chance. Thanks.

  • Terry Robinson posted 3092 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    Not one but two Matts have now left Foxboro:

  • Terry Robinson posted 3093 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    This is me trying to be funny... for Pats fans only:

  • Terry Robinson posted 3099 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    When you get a chance, your feedback would be much appreciated:

    Thanks, man

  • Alex Johnson posted 3102 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    With Patriots training camp just around the corner, check out some of the most intriguing position battles to keep an eye on this summer!