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  • baller baller posted 1130 days ago

    baller baller

    Where u been lately man?

  • baller baller posted 1168 days ago

    baller baller

    Hey man! I bout had a heart attack when I saw those shorts(if you can call them she was wearing. Beautiful! I can wait for Thursday so I can see more!

  • Cash Flagg posted 1214 days ago

    Cash Flagg

    Spike would be foolish not to resign TNA. It's their most viewed show and I'd like to think it got a few wrestling fans to watch Bellator. I'm a big fan of MMA, mostly UFC, but because of Impact, I started watching Bellator.

    TNA should also be given the chance now, their product has really taken a turn for the best, them having to search for a new provider would be devastating.

    I don't think Spike will leave TNA hanging, it's not like they have the chance to ever land WWe or any other wrestling promotion. Even if they were to get ROH for example, they would get even less viewers.

    TNA is on the rise and there is a steady and honest fan base behind it. They won't ever be WWe, no one will, but they could be a legitimate alternative. Which in my opinion is good for pro wrestling itself. Just like Bellator is to MMA.

  • Cash Flagg posted 1219 days ago

    Cash Flagg


  • Cash Flagg posted 1236 days ago

    Cash Flagg

    He was a chippendales dancer years back too, so this doesn't surprise me. Next he'll be banging Chyna...

  • Cash Flagg posted 1247 days ago

    Cash Flagg

    Yeah, Kurt still have something left in the tank. Hearing his music hit, the crowd would explode. I think he could have one more run and put a few guys over.

    Cesaro/Angle. Bryan/Angle, just to name two...

  • Cash Flagg posted 1249 days ago

    Cash Flagg

    Good for Kurt. I'm still hoping he will retire in WWe.

  • Shah Ransh posted 1580 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    I meant the best technical wrestler in the current roster after D-Bry.

  • Shah Ransh posted 1580 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    I like Punk more as a heel. His promos as a face were not very good. He's certainly one of the best ever. The best on the mic after Austin and The Rock, and the best technical wrestler after Daniel Bryan.

  • Shah Ransh posted 1581 days ago

    Shah Ransh

    It DID have its explosions. They just werent too loud. :-) One can't expect a Fight Club ending mate. :-) It had its moments. A guy in the jury while talking about the suspect says that"he don't even know good English" after which he's corrected. He"DOESN'T". ;-) Scenes like this made the movie so much better.