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  • Charles Shannon posted 1921 days ago

    Charles Shannon

    The way I wrote it for the Number 5 starter is Harvey has the best chance of making it follow by Jeremy Haffner who had a lower era on the same team as Harvey in Buffalo, but Haffner will be the Long man relief or spot starter just in case and then you have Pelfrey that only signed a 1 year contract with the Mets. Pelfrey has the Tommy John so I don't expect him to be either on the team or keeping his $5 million dollar contract where they can have better use for the money to get somebody they really need. Besides the starters on the Mets for next year are Dickey is 2 because of his record. Santana is 1 starter because of his pitching career with the Mets. Ok it was bad lately but remember Santana was pitching in December to strengthen his arm before spring training began so at this moment Santana if pitching when spring training started with what he's gone through in real life he's Pitched all the way to the Thanksgiving week. Do you think he's tired since that long overhaul of pitching. You bet he is. He'll be shut down very soon and place on the 15 day DL before the call up to add a member on the roster. Also, the 3rd starter is Niese and he's been better this year than previous and continues to improve. 4 and 5 is between Harvey and Ghee and also remember that since Ghee has gone on the DL the Mets haven't been fairing very well as a team. And another reason why Harvey isn't a number 2-3 starter right now Collins also believe in the Lefty-Righty-Lefty-Righty rotation.
    The first person I perdict to go before the call up will be Torres and placed on waivers. Mets will eat his contract for another month and then begin to worry about signing Wright for next year and then adding Johnaton Broxton who has over 20 Saves when he was with the KC Royals but is being wasted as a setup in Cincy. In 3 years Mejiea will be the closer for the Mets and his cutter is exactly the same as That other reliever on the Yankees named Mariano.