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Hi everybody, my name is Brant Houghton. My life revolves around sports, especially the Miami Dolphins, and Philadelphia 76ers and Phillies.
I write for many sports sites including,, and as well.I also write and design my own webpage at
I love discussing sports as well, so feel free to make comments or contact me anytime to talk.
Also, you can follow me on twitter at
The link to my website is:

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  • Taylor Rummel posted 2089 days ago

    Taylor Rummel

    Here's an article about one Miami Dolphin who experienced a tougher road than most in his journey to the NFL:

    Hope you enjoy.

  • 2 Minutes to Midnight Green posted 2093 days ago

    2 Minutes to Midnight Green

    First off let me say that if you haven't heard about 2 Minutes to Midnight Green, you're missing out. It's the best place on the internet for expert news and analysis on all the Philly sports.

    Secondly, 2M2MG now has a message board up! The forum is for fans like yourself who want to have intelligent conversations, post rumors, or even submit articles for readers to view. The forum has everything on it. There's a forum for the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, Flyers, NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football. There's also a place for the general leagues (the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL).

    Don't feel like talking football? That's fine, we have it set up so that anyone can come in and discuss politics, religion, or anything else for that matter.

    Go to the site, click the Message Board button, register, and post. Could it be any easier?

    Check it out!

  • Mike Kent posted 2094 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Want to play fantasy football with the BR league?

    If yes, please send me your email. there are limited spaces left, first come first serve.

  • Andy R posted 2106 days ago

    Andy R

    The quarterback predictions are done and now it's time for the running backs! Here's a preview/prediction of each AFC team and their running backs!

  • Matthew Falkenbury posted 2116 days ago

    Matthew Falkenbury


    The biggest week of games to date this season begins for the Mets with Six games against the Phillies and the Yankees, its a real test for a team that has dealt with quite a bit during this early part of the season. With this I'm presenting another version of my Top Five with the subject centering around how the Mets can be successful this week against the Phils and Yanks. I hope you enjoy and thanks in advance.

  • Ryan Ayars posted 2117 days ago

    Ryan Ayars

    Hey man,

    I'm talking about your team here :

  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 2120 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Should the CFL allow suspended NFL players?

  • Shady Botros posted 2120 days ago

    Shady Botros

    with the new hiring of Eddie Jordan, comes a new system

  • JW Nix posted 2127 days ago

    JW Nix

    you may like this

    it is a look at a long time coach still doing his thing