Hello all,

My name is Mike Jenkins. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and currently spend my time between Phoenix and San Francisco, California. I am a teacher/coach at a local high school and a journalism graduate from the University of Arizona. I am a sports junkie who loves to compete in just about any area whether it be hiking or checkers.

I am a big Phoenix Coyotes supporter and always have been from the moment they arrived in the Valley. The days of Kris King and the "Bulin" Wall to JR and Captain Coyote were among my most fond as a sports fan. I continue to have season tickets and hope the team remains in the Valley for years to come.

I am also a diehard soccer fan. My favorite club team is Chelsea FC from London. The passion and power of Didier Drogba dragged me back into pro soccer as I have become a somewhat crazed fan of the English Premier League waking up at the crack of dawn so I can see the early games on Saturday and Sunday mornings on the West Coast. I saw Chelsea this summer in New York and seeing the FA Cup and the Champions League trophies while watching my squad play in Yankee Stadium is among the coolest things I have ever done.

I am engaged to my beautiful fiance' Jennifer and am completely lucky to have her in my life. She puts up with my sports fanaticism although it is definitely tempered compared to what it was in the past.

I also support the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Arizona Cardinals and the only true university in Arizona, The University of Arizona in Tucson. Bear Down Wildcats!!!

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  • CJ Isles posted 1731 days ago

    CJ Isles

    I like the coyotes. They remind me of the Islanders of the west. Except further along. i like the way you right too. look forward to more good articles in the future

  • Michael Jenkins posted 1766 days ago

    Michael Jenkins


    Have been off on other assignments but will take this on for you when I get the chance.

    Hope all is well.


  • PDMerk posted 1785 days ago


    Michael I have been going to hockey since I was 4, I'll be 70 next month. My brother, age 80, and I read this in the LATimes October 27, Helene Elliott. NHL cancels more games. We have never known or read this. If it is true, we will have NO 2012-13 Season. You can read the whole article online.

    She wrote "There is a deal to be made here but no one to complete it. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is a dictator, not a deal-maker. He has increased his power so he needs support from only eight owners to cement his negotiating decisions. The small-market owners who need financial help line up obediently behind him."

    EIGHT out of 32 Is all he needs to turn down a deal. CRAZY!!!

    Michael, why don't you write about this and let the fans know how much power this JERK really has. I know they own your team, but this is Just Not Right,
    Thanks Dave Merker