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  • David K posted 2976 days ago

    David K

    And you can read my reply to Gilbert Sena concerning the speed thing! He was from slow so relax, thats not what im saying. Im just saying he benefited more from his timing and unpredictability. And its not a knock on Machida just in case you thought so.
    That kick puch combo that dropped evans was all about timing. he feints, rashad thinks its a leg kick(his left foot comes up to check it). So when it goes to the body, Evans is surprised and in poor balance, and Lyoto takes advantage of the moment with that punch, while Rashad is trying to regain his footing!

  • David K posted 2976 days ago

    David K

    Jason, i got your comment on my phone but cant view it on the computer. Anyway never have i said Machida was not a great fighter. In fact if you read my comments i admit he was technically better. All im saying is that Evans has this bad habit of taking a while to get into fights, just like when he fought Forrest, Chuck and Tito. Im not affirming that he would have won or done much better, all im saying is that im disappointed because i would have liked to see more from him thats all.
    Just because im not proclaiming Lyoto's invincibility doesnt make me a hater my friend! And i usually just say no to drugs!