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During the day I am a finance broker for bad credit auto loans. When not trying to convince bank that my customer has learned his/ her lesson after their seventh bankruptcy I am doing something sports related, other than actually participating in a sport. Convincing wife and children that the "big game on tv" is more important than anything else should be a sport. There is strategy, scouting, sometimes fake injuries, scheduling, pep talks, broken promises, arguing with ref, substitutions, ejections, tantrums, play calling, name calling, the "power play", recruiting, ejections, technical fouls, huddles, negotiations, and most important there is usually losing. I have few opinions so I usually just pick the other side and start what I call a debate but some may call it an arguement. If I have had more than 12 beers you will never win a rational arguement with me because I will simply become irrational. I respect most peoples thoughts and ideas I just wish they would keep those wonderful thoughts to themselves. I do not like oxymorons ( or regular morons) why do we need honest thieves and jumbo shrimp. I will always try to appeal to your intellect, when that doesn't work I will call you names. I am very knowledgeable except for the things I do not know, often the two are indistinguisable because I will act as if I know everything to make you appear confused. As a result of over blogging I might ask you in face to face conversation to provide me with "the link". As you can see I am very serious person and never will provide humor, sarcasm or hyperbole. Hope you enjoy my articles but if you don't I understand, remember just cause you are illegitimate doesn't mean you can't read.
P.S. I am working on a book and as soon as the "legal wranglings" are over I will let my fans know- it is an autobiography titled "Barrack Obama"

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  • Tyler Lambert posted 2198 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Hey, will you check out my latest article concerning the LA Lakers and LA Galaxy. Thanks!

  • Roger P posted 2253 days ago

    Roger P

    Hey Tony,
    I wrote a follow-up to that article comparing Kobe to Scottie Pippen, and I thought you might be interested... this time I'm comparing him to Clyde Drexler. I'd love your thoughts...


  • Mykhal Glass posted 2268 days ago

    Mykhal  Glass

    check out my latest article,The NBA is really getting soft and its a shame

    let me know what you think thanks

  • Paul Swaney posted 2273 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    If you participate in fantasy baseball, then you should read my latest. It will help you in those difficult times when one of your hitters faces one of your pitchers. Thanks for checking it out.

  • Nathan Bitner posted 2279 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    You had your own guy there to have fun with (derrick) on your kentucky article I noticed -- you handled it very well. =)

  • Nathan Bitner posted 2279 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    yeah, I probably should have left him alone -- I actually have a LOT of Duke friends both here and living in Chapel Hill and root for them when they're not playing UNC. Travis Miller, Justin McTeer, and Brad Frank are just a few of the really great Duke fans I get along with on B/R.

    I probably was a little harsh on the kid, but he did have some facts pretty screwed up. Ultimately, I really don't care so much where Wall goes (as long as it's not UNC ;) -- and I really do hope it's NCCU, but don't believe he was truly serious (others have suggested he is, because of eligibility issues, but that's merely rumor right now).

    I just wish it would be OVER already. I'd rather talk about anything but recruiting at this point. ;)

  • Nathan Bitner posted 2279 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    By the way, I'm still trying to figure out what's next to you on the fireplace, but I know you DON'T look happy about it. ;-)

  • Nathan Bitner posted 2279 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Thanks for the fanship -- back at ya'! I really do like your writing, so I'm glad we could settle our "debate" -- I got to join in on it in the other John Wall story too. ;-)

    I hope you've met / talked to Leroy Watson -- he's a strong Memphis fan that's just starting to get over the "pain" of what you guys lost as well (but are rebuilding).

  • Paul Swaney posted 2280 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    I have found over the past month or so that I write best when I allow my heart to lead my head. Please check out my latest, I would be interested in any feedback you may have, or even anyone who would make your team. Thanks