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Chris Woods, Jockey, is probably the most recognized man on a horse anywhere in the world. Hailing from Australia, Chris (born Christopher J. Woods), can be considered the world's perfect jockey. Proof to his accomplishments as a jockey are the numerous races he was won around the world, including being a quarter horse champion in Australia. He currently resides in Beverly Hills, California, and owns and operates Carducci Interiors.

Chris Woods started racing horses at the age of 18, soon to become one of the world's most successful jockeys. As stated, he became a success in Australia.

As a jockey, he holds the record for most wins in a season in his division, and after that won his first Derby in the following year.

Currently, the jockey has turned entrepreneur, owning and operating Carducci Interiors. The furniture and interiors firm provides world-class specialty furniture to select clients around the world. For more information, contact

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