Patrick  Generose

Patrick Generose


Originally from New Orleans, Patrick Generose has been writing since 2009. In addition to Bleacher Report, Generose has been published on He holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Louisiana State University. Generose lives in New Orleans and is an editor for Bleacher Report.

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  • Gene Siudut posted 1266 days ago

    Gene Siudut

    Thanks Patrick. Good catch on backcourt. I wonder why front court isn't one word.

  • Haddon Anderson posted 1309 days ago

    Haddon Anderson

    Thanks for the edits and feedback, Patrick! Much appreciated.

  • Carl Stine posted 1328 days ago

    Carl Stine

    Thanks for the edits and tips.

  • Stephen Babb posted 1376 days ago

    Stephen Babb

    Great edits and feedback. Many thanks, good sir!

  • Zachary Alapi posted 1394 days ago

    Zachary Alapi

    Thanks for your edits and feedback, Patrick. Much appreciated.

  • Jim Flannery posted 1415 days ago

    Jim Flannery

    Thanks for the edits and feedback, Patrick. Much appreciated!

  • Roberto Alvarez-Galloso posted 1423 days ago

    Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

    Thanks Patrick

  • Max Towle posted 1423 days ago

    Max Towle

    Thanks a lot, Patrick.

  • Aidan Reynolds posted 1426 days ago

    Aidan Reynolds

    Thanks for the edit, Patrick. I appreciate it.

  • Kevin King posted 1427 days ago

    Kevin King

    Hey Patrick,

    Can you edit another article for me? Or, at least ask whoever should to please do so. It is sitting in the queue since before the one you did for me earlier.

    The address is:

    I would appreciate any help you can provide.