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  • Bill Hubbell posted 384 days ago

    Bill Hubbell

    Hey Arif,

    Would you have any interest in swapping stories for next week? I've got a back-up free agency plan story due on Tuesday and I'm going to be out of town until late on Monday.

    It certainly helps that I think I could write the worst picks story in about a half hour, but it's mostly that I think I'll too tired to do anything well on Monday night.

    No problem at all if you can't or don't want to.

    Keep up the great work here and at the Daily Norseman, and I look forward to reading you at Vikings Territory!

    Let me know if you wouldn't mind switching, I'd appreciate it a lot!


    Bill Hubbell

  • Eddy Curry posted 387 days ago

    Eddy Curry

    up Arif

  • freya23 posted 472 days ago



    Were you the one planning on a "Coaches" article soon for the Vikings? With Kubiak getting the boot, there are a number of internet blogs (for Vikings fans) coming alive. And the No. 1 Coach of choice seems to be Mike Zimmer, with Del Rio in the top 5 pics too. Del Rio I get. I really don't know much about Zimmer. Curious minds want to know more, esp. whether we should be looking at an offensively minded coach, or defense. I tend towards defense. I figure the offense will take care of itself with a decent draft and coaching adjustments. I think the defense really needs some long-term tweaking to get it right :)

  • Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay posted 543 days ago

    Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay

    Do you agree with my evaluation of Ponder?

    A QB needs to know how to thrive under pressure. They need to know how to make deep, good passes, and when to throw. Thats Ponder's biggest problem, he doesn't know WHEN to throw. The Oline cant hold the defense back all day, eventually they;re gonna break thru. Ponder needs to stop taking his sweet time, and throw the god damn ball! Another thing is, when he finally musters up the courage to throw the ball, it either gets intercepted, or it goes out of bounce. And seriously, he has to stop running it. One thing I noticed is that when ponder snaps the ball, he takes like three huge steps back. After 30 minutes of standing there, the tackles break thru the Oline, and he ends up running it, but he's so far away from the line of scrimmage, he ends up getting sacked. IMO, Ponder is not an option anymore for the Vikes.

  • Giancarlo Ferrari-King posted 650 days ago

    Giancarlo Ferrari-King

    Great reads man from one rookie F/C to an experienced one. Keep it up!

  • Christian Ponder posted 656 days ago

    Christian  Ponder

    I will make you proud this season

  • Billy Schwandt posted 692 days ago

    Billy Schwandt

    I believe Ricky is the best GM in football today with looking at the last 2 drafts and no team has done the job the Vikings have. When I listened to Ricky on the skills that each player we drafted had and how they filled the need that we needed at the position they were drafted for it was brilliant. The flexibility of the O line man, the cover skills of the linebacker, the punter and his skill and character and the D line with the quick move on the first step. AP is in his Prime, the receivers could be something special and the corner backs with the size, speed along with the hard hitting safety's. The O line is all back together and a full back to clear the path for AP. Then there are the tight ends and if Carlson can be healthy and with another year in the system can be what we think he should be we will be a team to contend for the superbowl !!! So it is for Ponder to step up and do his job as he has one more year in the same system and can improve from last year He will be the key for the Vikings to go all the way!!!
    Also a side not I listened to Mel Kiper and Todd Shaddy on the best drafting teams this year and not one word about the Vikings!!! No surprise I guess with out being a big sitty and having to kiss up to some of the teams. Also someone wrote a piece on CP and his Football IQ.
    Thanks for always giving us things to tell us about the good of our beloved Vikings to make us feel good and not tearing players down. You are the best Arif when it comes to doing this with the Purple!!! Keep up the great work. SKOL VIKINGS!!! Yes I do have purple blood!!!

  • Ryan Drevlow posted 735 days ago

    Ryan Drevlow

    Hey Arif, I love your articles. Your research is unparalleled. I hope Spielman reads your articles and I am serious when I say that. I was wondering if you were going to do another mock since we have two firsts now and Jennings as well as other FA's. I would love to see your new thinking.

  • Keith Brown posted 774 days ago

    Keith Brown

    What does Arthur Brown, Da'Rick Rogers, and Tyrann Mathieu all have in common?

  • Keith Brown posted 774 days ago

    Keith Brown

    I like Michael Williams a lot. I live in Georgia, so needless to say I watch every SEC game. With Williams playing for Nick Saban, he has good blocking skills and has the ability to make catches off play-action. I'm assuming you watched the Senior Bowl, where he got behind TJ McDonald for a TD? His hands are definitely underrated. He would probably be a better pick than Stoneburner just because of his blocking ability, which the current TE corps lacks. It would be hard for me to give Toby Gerhart up for a 4th round pick, that would mean we definitely lost by drafting him. I hate the situation Gerhart is in, in Minnesota. I think he has potential to be a starting running back. I would trade him for a 4th, however, it would definitely have to be an early 4th.

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