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  • Junior Nelson posted 3162 days ago

    Junior  Nelson

    Ken, the success of the Canucks this year came from a core group left unchanged by new GM Gillis. The key guys on the top lines were from previous administrations, I refer to Burrows,Kesler and the Sedins. He replaced slow, failing leadership (Naslund,Morrison,Linden) with more of the same (Sundin! Demitra). He added some project players and did renovate the fourth line.
    What I want is BIG change. The Canucks at the start of Gillis' tenure weren't tough enough. Byfliglien (for one) proved that they still aren't. They didn't have a second feature line to take checkers off the Sedins.They still don't! The Defence was thought to be more than adequete, but it is not,either. At least we have Luongo! Well, that was more of achilles heel than anticipated,too. It was because of Luongo'd star status that no one dared pull him and that there was no 1a to spell him.
    When I say big change, I mean a dramatic dhift in franchise direction. I would trade Luongo, now, before the draft. I would try to sell Tampa on him.I know he has a NTC, but he'd go back to Florida or face his wife,hahaha! Anyway, I'd try for the second overall draft pick and Malone. I'd settle for the pick, if I had to. With that pick I'd grab Hedman, the swedish defenceman. That done, I would resign the Sedins to a long (ten year) contract to minimize the cap hit. Then I would avidly persue both Niedermayers. Last, I would add a giant utility player (Boogaard or bigger) to deal with the Byflugliens of the world.
    The rest of my team would be young guys that have impressed in the system. Schnieder (AHL goailie of the year),Grabner (six goals in six games in the AHL semis) and Hodgeson are all poised to make the big club.

  • Jeff D Gorman posted 3170 days ago

    Jeff D Gorman

    Thanks for signing up as a fan, Ken!

    -- Jeff