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I'm a recent graduate of NYU and a lover of all things Boston sports. I'm seeking a career in sports journalism, and I'm a graduate of the B/R internship program.

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  • Boston Sports Fan posted 1451 days ago

    Boston Sports Fan

    Like I said, Talib would be shadowing Torrey Smith, not Pitta.

  • Ken Lechtanski posted 1546 days ago

    Ken Lechtanski

    Hey James, you're right "hugely" is a word (my bad) as an adverb, per your link as in "hugely mistaken", so "Wilfork graded out hugely in the negative in Week 2" is correct with "graded out" as the verb and "hugely" as the modifying adverb. Still, I think it sounds rather awkward and works OK without "hugely". Maybe "Wilfork graded out predominantly in the negative in Week 2" would work better?

  • Ken Lechtanski posted 1610 days ago

    Ken Lechtanski

    Hi James. Thanks for checking about resultant compared to resulting in "Circumstances have changed in New England, however, and one of the few resulting silver linings ...". According to (B/R's official reference dictionary), the case for resultant here is as an adjective -- "following as a result or consequence". Resulting, as a noun, is "something that happens as a consequence; outcome". They are nearly identical by definition, but the difference is that I read "resulting silver linings" as a compound noun with "few" as the adjective rather than "few" and "resultant" both being adjectives. Don't know if that clarifies the matter, but you could probably make a case for either one.

  • kelvin arrington posted 1776 days ago

    kelvin arrington

    James, yes I'm Kyles dad and I am humbled by your request for an interview. I really don't want to draw any attention to myself. I only joined B/R just to support your comments in reference to Kyle's ability to play in the NFL. He's a very quiet young man off the field and very determined on the field. His dad should in no way add or subtract to his discipline. Whatever positon he plays, I know he holds nothing back and the family is always proud of him. Thanks again for your offer, and I wish you continued success! ,

  • kelvin arrington posted 1776 days ago

    kelvin arrington

    Thanks for your support of Kyle Arrington...when it all said and done..the kid gives it his all !

    Kelvin Arrington,

  • Andrew Kaufman posted 1842 days ago

    Andrew Kaufman

    My article mentioned plays that were not simple drop-back passes... Not sure why you have chosen to have this discussion on our respective profiles. Agree to disagree.

  • Andrew Kaufman posted 1842 days ago

    Andrew Kaufman

    I thought the Giants throwing at the goal line against Green Bay was just as bad.

  • Ryan Desmarais posted 1854 days ago

    Ryan Desmarais

    No problem, James. Great work. And yes, I am a massive Celtics fan. Nice to see them pick it up after the slow start.

  • Zoe Berman posted 1860 days ago

    Zoe Berman

    Hi!! I just wanted to say that you're like my favorite BR columnist!!! Go ALL boston teams! Do you have a girlfriend?

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 1864 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, James!