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One of the biggest Duke fans who never went there--I am in the sticker club, though, so I claim the right to say "we." I can criticize them when warranted, however. I love ACC hoops and I can generally have a cogent, logical discussion with most fans, mary-land fans excepted. I watch all the Duke games, most UNC games, and about 50% of the other games, so I consider myself pretty knowledgeable. Interesting tidbit: I've been to 3 ACC Tourneys and 4 Final Fours.

Also a lifelong fan of the Miami Dolphins (who knows where these loyalties originate?). Do not talk about Marino in other than complimentary terms around me. I'm just throwing that out there.

I'm a graduate of Furman University (the might Paladins, the Purple Hurricanes, and the Death Dealer--contrary to popular myth, we were never the Christian Knights: "F-U-*-K"). Obviously I'm devoted to the once-proud Paladin Football tradition that seems to have dropped a tier in the past couple of years. I also follow Southern Conference and other I-AA football pretty closely.

Although I am in South Carolina, I have little more than a passing interest in Clemson or South Carolina, other than to follow the players from local high schools. Truth be told I guess I tend to like Carolina more than Clemson, but I want them both to do well.

In my spare time I shoot a lot of high school football for the local fishwrap, and a couple of years ago I had the opportunity to shoot AJ Green (now superstar at UGa), and Reid McCollum (QB who is transferring from USC). Email me if you'd like to see some shots.

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  • HD Handshoe - BlockONation.com posted 1626 days ago

    HD Handshoe -  BlockONation.com

    I'm a fan of Duke and Miami too - 2 out of 3 ain't bad Jairy, LOL!

  • Allen J. Kha posted 1648 days ago

    Allen J. Kha

    I think the biggest thing people fail to realize is that most reasonable people aren't arguing against Duke as a No. 1 seed.

    I think they deserved either the overall-three or -four seed. However, most people are enraged and left skeptical about the fairness of this selection committee because of it's positioning of Duke as essentially the overall number-one seed, comparing the bracket it got.

    Kansas deserves better, and Duke deserves a relatively harder path.