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Derrick Davis

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Either you love sports, glance at it or just flat out don’t care about it.
I guess you could say I fit all 3. Alot of sports to me is like watching the Olympics You have your big events like track and swimming and then there's speed walking and dressage. SO I’m a Huge NFL fan as well as NBA and love the Cubs. And respect the Black Hawks. Not a huge fan of Baseball but do enjoy watching only if my team (Cubs) is doing well for the year. And being a Cubs fan that mostly doesn’t happen, so that’s what I mean by glancing at the sport. The Bears are my number one team but learned not to put all my faith in them or I will end up disappointed. The Chicago organizations are the reason why I don’t put to much faith in Chicago teams. I do love my teams though. Huge Bulls fan since the Jordan days and became back a huge Bulls fan when J.Williams came and went but watched heavy then. If I pay attention to the Sport and know a few players on the Team I like I will follow them. Love all College Football. My team I love Are my home town Northwestern Wildcats. All in all most of the time I do my homework for sports sometimes may say things out of impulse on the comments but who doesn’t. Love This Site a lot of knowledgeable people on here

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