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  • Tyr Savior posted 19 days ago

    Tyr Savior

    Cash thanks for providing a great conversation in the Destination-X article.

  • fandom posted 144 days ago


    what do you think gonna happen when tna's tv contract with spike ends in september ?? it was stupid of them to promise 2 million viewers per episode. have they ever had 2 million for even one show ?

    i missed impact last night gonna have to hit you tube to catch up.

  • fandom posted 152 days ago


    rap song samples the wyatt's theme.

  • fandom posted 167 days ago


    it's seems he's getting a different sort of push now.

  • fandom posted 178 days ago


    kurt making another run in the wwe would be cool. if vince is letting insert whomever name come back on just a part time basis.he may as well let kurt. don't think kurt, wants a full time schedule.

  • fandom posted 180 days ago


  • Legendary Fan posted 223 days ago

    Legendary Fan

    Anyone with a Liger profile pic is OK in my book. :)

  • Sports Lover posted 436 days ago

    Sports  Lover


  • Sports Lover posted 438 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    Chavo and Hernanandez may break up...

  • Sports Lover posted 443 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    But the team of Gunner and Storm is holding back Storm.