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  • DG Skilla posted 1226 days ago

    DG Skilla

    '' McMahon, so outta touch. I watched NXT again. Best wrestling show around.''

    I agree man. You can tell right away... Vince has no influence.

  • DG Skilla posted 1227 days ago

    DG Skilla

    '' McMahon should stick to what he can, which is pro wrestling. Though sometimes I think he has lost touch. He is the Al Davis of pro wrestling.

    Or Woody Johnson... or Jerry Jones of pro wrestling. LOL XD!

  • DG Skilla posted 1229 days ago

    DG Skilla

    ''In the end, McMahon wants to get all 10 fat fingers and 10 toes into every part of the media as he can.''

    Cough ( Michael Sam ) cough. He tried to pull out all the stops. And the Mcmahon
    do care about one thing... money. Without us, they'll sink even further. For the
    remaining people that tune in and purchase tickets... that's not good enough.
    Otherwise, they wouldn't be shamefully plugging the WWE network every

    ''You just have to watch wrestling and not take it too overly serious. Enjoy the good parts and move on from the injustices. ''

    Are... there any good parts regularly? If so... fans should still channel surf ( USA and ESPN ) Monday.

  • DG Skilla posted 1234 days ago

    DG Skilla

    Exactly. Even though Trish Stratus and Lita became the overpushed divas of the
    Attitude/Ruthless Aggression eras, the Molly Hollys, the Jazzs, the Victorias
    and the Gail Kims of the world... were the backbone of the women's divisions.
    The situation involving AJ and Paige is much similar... but they are nowhere
    near the '' overrated'' popularity of Stratus/Lita/Chyna. I say overrated... due
    to the flawless timing of Rena Mero, Tammy Stych, Trish Stratus ( of course )
    Joanie Laurer and Amy Dumas... entering the wrestling business. It's the old
    classic '' right place, right time'' scenerio.

    Paige could be a dominatrix while AJ... goes Harley Quinn on us. Sure... she's
    kinda doing it now. But... not to the fullest extent. This is likely the main reason
    why you have trouble caring. If that isn't the primary reason... then it's gotta be
    chemistry lack or total divas' involvement. Hell, maybe both.

    Kaitlyn was underrated and unappreciated. She left the biz because the WWE
    completely misused her. Typically, they tried the golden girl experiment and
    it failed... from a buzzing marketing standpoint. And the crowd wasn't digging
    this either. Little do they know that women ( past and present ) aren't cut from
    the same cloth. Some need to be faces like Torrie Wilson ( booby model ) and
    Mickie James ( positively energetic ) but the others... need to be ( just not
    heels... but monstrous ) heels. This is why we often see ladies such as Beth
    Phoenix work better ( and longer ) as a evil, powered bitch... than a loveable,
    caring hero. Ever wonder why Awesome Kong never changes? Alright... back
    to Kaitlyn. She's just a hot ass bodybuilder and finding those... are extremely
    rare. I thought she was decent as a performer and couldn't talk. But... the
    WWE must have forgotten three things. Believability, intimidation and unique
    look. In the UFC... who their biggest draw? Ronda Rousey and why? It's the
    three elements the WWE doesn't excessively focus on. Being intimidating
    requires believability. Raw power and muscular form adds to that. Basically
    what I'm saying is... Awesome Kong, Victoria, Beth Phoenix and Natalya all
    look like they could kick our asses. And Kaitlyn was sexier than all of them.
    Apparently, the WWE targets... stick figure models and prospects. I mean, this
    really got started in 99 when they asked Chyna to lay off the roids, get plastic
    surgery... and be more sensitive. Beth Pheonix, Natalya and Kaitlyn all got hit
    with the same speech to tone down their muscles... so they could fit in with the
    rest. Oh yeaaaah... the rest like Eva Marie and Brie Bella????? Flagg... it's no
    coincidence that all of these powerhouse chicks are gone. The writing is on the
    wall for Tamina and Neidhart is still employed... only because she agreed to
    appear on Total Divas. God... I hate that crap.

    So... I hope that clear everything up. And no... we do understand the wrestling
    biz. We just don't understand the stupidity of Vince and Carter. LOL XD!

  • DG Skilla posted 1236 days ago

    DG Skilla

    '' True, I was dumbfounded anyway when they said they signed her. She would have been a monster heel only to lose by a jackknife pin by some scrawny, talentless Diva.''

    Yep... just remember in that year, Beth Pheonix took clean losses to Kelly Kelly.
    Business wise, I understood. It's much easier to market stick figure models than
    monstrous, wide women like Kong. The problem was basic ( for me ) tho. The
    WWE failed to execute in fashion... that didn't insult the fans' intellengence.
    Trish Stratus ( deserving some credit ) improved as a in ring stylist. Kelly Kelly
    just stunk... but she's Molly Holly compared to Eva Marie. Total Divas... spelled
    the end for dominant women such as Beth P, Victoria, Tamina, Jazz and others.
    There's no Ronda Rousey... in the WWE ( except Steph ). Isn't that crazy?

  • DG Skilla posted 1240 days ago

    DG Skilla

    '' See I don't understand that, Kong is a big, powerful lady, that is what makes her special. You can't make her get skinny.''

    Just look at WWE's diva roster. Besides Nattie, do you see any powerhouses?
    They are an entertainment biz... marketing plastic barbie dolls. In the long run,
    Awesome Kong wasn't gonna make it. Sadly, they dumped her... in the short
    run. In fact... can we even call that a run?

  • DG Skilla posted 1241 days ago

    DG Skilla

    It was surprising the WWE... even gave her a look. Apparently, they set weight
    goals and Awesome Kong... didn't exactly fit the modeling mold. Poor Low Ki...
    the company saw no future with him.

    '' Not to mention, McMahon likes to kill what he didn't create. Sometimes I think he despises anyone that made it without the WWe, so he either exploits them or buries them for his own enjoyment.''


  • DG Skilla posted 1242 days ago

    DG Skilla

    Do I need to remind you the creative ( and political ) treatment both Awesome
    Kong and Low-Ki got? Man, that was so bad, WWE was better off passing on

  • Randy Norton posted 1243 days ago

    Randy Norton


  • DG Skilla posted 1244 days ago

    DG Skilla

    '' I don't see it happening. McMahon doesn't usually pick up TNA's garbage.''