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A 20 year Top Professional Golf Instructor / Writer / Broadcaster
It's the greatest joy of my life to watch some one's game improve right before my eyes.
I started golfing when I was six years old. I was fortunate to have Jimmy Demaret as a family friend, and personal life coach. At nineteen Tom Green a PGA Instructor, owner of The Spring Golf Center trusted me to managed and operated his golf center. Tom would meet me once a week to pick up the deposits, talk golf, check out my swing, and build my confidence as a golf instructor. With his wife's health in decline, he offered me the golf center. I being young, foolishly turned him down. I wanted to get on the Tour.
It wasn't long after, I was hit by a drunk driver and was D.O.A. for well over ten minutes and Life Flighted to Herman Hospital in Houston. My family was told I wouldn't make it through the night, and if I did I'd be a vegetable for the rest of my life. I used bartending as physical and mental therapy. It was then where I met a producer for CBS that gave me a job as a commercial writer, director, and voice actor. While giving my pitch to The Corporate Golf Magazine, they offered me a position as one of their partner. It was there I got the opportunity to work on the movie "Tin Cup". CBS seeing my abilities, put me in front of the cameras as a golf commentator. Before long, I was approached by the new cable station "The Golf Channel" to do taped television lessons. I began working a lot of tournaments with both The P.G.A. and The U.S.G.A. I played a major role in bringing The P.G.A. Tour Championship to Champions Golf Course in 1997.

I still currently write for The Examiner, The Bleacher Report, & Corporate Golf Magazine

Many golf instructors miss out on the joys of teaching because they become wrapped up in making a ton of money by teaching a large number of students, rather than giving quality personal instruction. I've found in my experience, word of mouth will spread like wild fire. When you assist a student in playing their best game, They will trust you with all their friends. I've taught two former presidents, countless movie stars, sports heroes, and major CEO's . I have been blessed with the ability to teach and make a living with this wonderful sport. Like Jimmy Demaret, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, and so many other famous golfers, "Golf" can make Legends out of men from the most modest of beginnings. Golfers have a respect like no other sport. It opens so many doors that would've otherwise have been closed. The ability to play or teach well can put so many opportunities in your path.

Tramatically I was injured again in 2002. I beat the odds once again. I was told I'd never walk again, by the grace of God, and my passion for golf, was out of my wheelchair in six months. I played my first round 2 weeks later and shot a 78 on The Cypress Course at Champions. I have survived many hardships both physical and financial. God, and golf have always been there to put me back together, and keep me on the right track toward happiness and well being.

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  • Rick Martin posted 71 days ago

    Rick Martin

    Janice Martin lost in court and is a bitter woman who could face prison for perjury and malicious slander.

  • Janice Martin posted 2932 days ago

    Janice Martin

    why were you arrested on 1/2 for "Assualt causing bodily injury"??? as per: http://www.mctx.org/CCLERK/KIOSK/UNIDATADETAIL.ASP?Type=CRIMINAL&Cause=10-255504

    Inquiring minds would like to know .... since a lot of know you are a FRAUD.

  • Luke Broadbent posted 3147 days ago

    Luke Broadbent

    Thanks a lot for the fan add, Rick, it's much appreciated.

    You're obviously wa more qualified than me when it comes to golf. I was just wondering what your take on Ryan Moore is?

    When I first saw him a couple of years ago I expected him to be a real star, but he seems to be taking a lot longer than I ever thought to become a real contender.

  • Kr.Abhimanyu VINAY RAJPUT posted 3148 days ago

    Kr.Abhimanyu  VINAY RAJPUT

    Hola Sir,

    Are you acquainted to any big golfers?

    I was just curious.

    On the other hand what is it like motivating golfers to excel in the sport?,