1. Mocking an Interview With Pat McAfee: He's a Punter

    In the later stages of May, with literally nothing happening on the football field, NFL enthusiasts like to mock things. Future drafts, depth charts, general managers...you name it, and someone is probably mocking it right now...

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  2. Shifting The Playbook: An Early Look At The 2009 Indianapolis Colts

    Alright, I'll come clean. I'm not an expert. I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express within the last couple years, and I haven't missed a Colts game since...never, that I can recall, but I'm not a licensed professional...

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  3. Indianapolis Colts: Fans Are Born, Not Made.

    I heard a buddy of mine talking the other day about what turned him into a fan of the particular team he follows -- in his case it was the Bengals, and as you can imagine, it wasn't exactly a pleasant recollection...

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  4. What are the Indianapolis Colts Working With?

    I'll be honest here, I've been infected. With Colts fever. After the heart wrenching playoffs loss to the Chargers, I swore off football...

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  5. The Port-o-Potty: Dumping Fantasy Baseball Insight on Your Brain

    Welcome to The Port-o-Potty, a place where I can dump all the excessive baseball knowledge that is clogging my brain onto you, the unsuspecting reader. So open the door, plug your nose, and take a look at the sloppy mess I’ve left for you this week.

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