Christian Heinlein

Christian Heinlein


What is there to say, I was born and raised in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. A South-West suburb of Cleveland. I joined the US Air Force in 1995, left OLF and haven't been back. I have lived in Georgia,Korea, Germany, California and soon to be South Carolina. I have carried my love for the Cleveland Browns everywhere I have gone and no matter how hard it is to be a fan, I will always love the Brown and Orange.

I do not root for any one player.. My favorite QB is whom ever is the QB for my Browns..I really have no loyalty to any player, I have loyalty to the team. I have 2 Cleveland Browns Jerseys, my favorite is my number 99, the year Cleveland got our team back. I wear it every Sunday during football season.

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  • Samantha Bunten posted 2637 days ago

    Samantha Bunten

    Thanks for the message Christian! Go Browns!

  • Erin McLaughlin posted 3154 days ago

    Erin McLaughlin

    I am posting here because I am tired of Ian. I totally agree with you on Brady Quinn. I have never once put him in Canton, Ohio. I predict that he will be good though. I agree that many opinions of him, good and bad, are ignorant. My opinion of him isn't ignorant though because I watched him grow for four years. Does that mean I think he is the next Tom Brady? No. That isn't fair to him. I will go out on a limb though and say he won't be a Ryan Leaf. I do think he is at least a Bernie Kosar. That is Okay. I feel I can make an educated judgement on him because I do know him. I never carried this kind of torch of Rick Mirer or Ron Pawlus. I didn't think they had it. I wouldn't carry a torch for him if I didn't think he had the goods to be a good quarterback. I just get sick of people like Ian and Ole who make these ridiculous comments about him. I just want him to get a fair chance and be able to determine his own fate. Whatever that fate is I will always remember him for what he did in South Bend.

    On a different note, I remember being sad when I was in college and Art Modell took the Browns out of Cleveland. I felt for Browns fans at the time. I called it a criminal act and I still do. I feel Mangini could be the next Modell if he trades Brady and he goes on to be really good. So my point is that although the Browns aren't my team, I am somewhat fond of them.