Jeff Ruth

Jeff Ruth


I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA and oddly enough am not a part of Steeler Nation, nor a Pirates fan. I chose to go with the teams that I like as opposed to the teams that play where I live. I've always loved the history of the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Dodgers franchises.

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  • shakir acrey posted 2670 days ago

    shakir acrey

    what's up my name is shakir acrey. im a basketball fan.

    do you like nba. if you do, im your new friend.

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 2849 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    The media tries to create a Manny-versy, JC points out the reality of this situation:

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3060 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Hi then, hello again! This is a celebration of the Bleachers on my milestone article. Hope you have a chance to give a look.

    All the best!

  • Bleacher Report posted 3098 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    Shameless plug Friday's:


  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3098 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Greetings baseball fans and friends!

    I present a slide show of events from June 15th, when the Dodgers held an event which allows fans to come onto the field to hit, pitch, and field. There are some behind the scenes shots as well.

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3106 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    For your consideration, a slide show from Dodger/Phillie game on June 6th:

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3116 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Greetings to all baseball fans - have a look at the question of Manny Ramirez and the All Star game with comments from some of the other Bleacher Creatures as well. Hope you get a chance to take a look:

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3126 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Presenting for your consideration, a recap of the recently completed series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets:

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3131 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Greetings Jeff -

    These boys done ticked me off:

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3139 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    As the Dodger CL, here's my take on Manny's latest trouble

    And if you get the chance, I'll be interviewed at about 10:10 Pacific tonight on Patrick Mauro's show.