An Alabama Crimson Tide season ticket holder, rabid college football and Major League Baseball fan. I am a master of useless trivia and I am addicted the statistical side of sports. Feel free to drop me a line sometime or hit me up on twitter @bryanpowers15.
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  • Sports Lover posted 1809 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Love your work

  • Cecil Kojlian posted 1840 days ago

    Cecil Kojlian

    Myths article was actually dead on

  • Not Brian Dawkins posted 1842 days ago

    Not Brian Dawkins

    You're myths article isn't really accurate at all. I understand it's for Alabama but I simply saw no good enough evidence for basically any of your statements. By the way Mosley being compared to Te'o is a joke. You forgot the biggest stat which is his game-changing takeaways, a characteristic that is light years ahead of Mosley. In fact Mosley isn't even the best defensive player on Alabama IMO.

  • Tony Flamingo posted 1846 days ago

    Tony Flamingo

    "The boys over at ESPN appear to be working overtime in an effort to make Notre Dame the greatest thing for football since the forward pass...And as we have seen throughout the month of December from the experts at the four-letter network, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are clearly the better team and will cruise right by the weaker Alabama from that tiny little conference called the SEC." - Bryan Powers

    Pardon? Can you cite to anything to back this up?

  • Theo Goodwin posted 1849 days ago

    Theo  Goodwin

    After the bowl games, how about writing an article on Bryant's assistant coaches who won national championships? I think the list is:

    Paul Dietzel LSU 58
    Danny Ford Clemson 81
    Howard Schnellenberger Miami 83
    Gene Stallings Alabama 92

    and maybe include those who were very prominent and just almost won national championships such as:

    Charlie McClendon LSU 70
    Jackie Sherril Pittsburg 81 or so

    I would greatly enjoy seeing more historical articles. I stumbled across one today by "BabyTate" published on bleacherreport.com in 2008 on active coaches in Bryant's tree. Please no gossip in historical articles.

  • Christian Couto posted 1938 days ago

    Christian Couto

    Bryan, that article just struck me as an apologia for the "convicted teabagger." I couldn't put myself in any position to empathize with him. He was lucky not to have to register as a sex offender. Although you did write that he did a terrible thing, you appeared to qualify those feelings in subsequent paragraphs. I passed it along for someone else to edit. No offense or disrespect intended, I just strongly disagreed with the tenor of your piece.

  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 1952 days ago


    Mr Powers I do respect your opinion, I got carried away. I apologize. I just strongly disagreed.

  • Royso posted 1959 days ago


    Mr. Powers,
    Your article (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1331255-alabama-vs-arkansas-how-the-injury-depleted-hogs-can-alter-both-sec-races) says that SC Gamecocks don't have to play LSU. They do play LSU on Oct 13th.

  • Bryan Powers posted 2024 days ago

    Bryan Powers

    Thanks, Jimmy! Yeah, I plan on being here for a while - if not longer. Thanks for the kind words and Roll Tide!

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 2024 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    I'm loving your articles. I hope that you stick it out and become a featured columnist for the Alabama page. It can take a while but after you get there your articles will get a lot of air time, especially in the newsletters.

    Let me know if you need anything to help with the writing. The Alabama page is the most popular CFB page on Bleacher and we would like to keep it that way, and your stuff is top-notch.