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I am from Iowa. I love football more than any sport out there. Hockey is my next favorite sport. I love computers and am a software engineer.

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  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2027 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Shaun,

    Just wrote a new article on Lovie and the Bears after yesterday's press conference. Let me know what you think when you have a chance. Thanks.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2134 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Shaun,

    Check out my take on the Bears' game when you have a chance. I haven't seen anybody else with what I had to say. Let me know if you agree. Thanks.

  • Shaun Leistikow posted 2986 days ago

    Shaun Leistikow

    I love this, too:

    Also, Kyle played for Chicago who threw 38.27% of the time when Chicago was behind. Jay Cutler played for Denver who threw 54.54% of his passes while Denver was behind.

    Jay Cutlers' rating while behind is 76.2.
    Kyle Ortons' rating while behind is 65.3.

  • Shaun Leistikow posted 2987 days ago

    Shaun Leistikow

    I love this:

    The last three games I am always hearing you Bronco fans blame Jay.

    Denver gave up 112 points in the final 3 games. You blame this on the QB? You’re defense allowed on season average 6.05 yards per play which is 30th in the NFL. The last three games the Bronco defense allowed a whopping 6.9 yards per play with only 1 takeaway. I just think it’s funny you all blame Cutler.

    And one more thing...

    Did you know that if Jay Cutler QB rating wasn’t above 93.3 Denver would not win? Did you know that Kyle Orton got over 93.3 only 3 times? Did you know that Orton had a QB game rating of 49.2 and 48.7 and the Bears still won? Cutler had a low rating of 49.8 and they got blown away from Oakland 31-10. Kyle had a low of 39.1 QB rating. The next lowest rating for Jay beside 49.8 is 60.7. He still threw for 300 yards that game, too. I'm assuming he threw those interceptions that game because he had to play catch up.

  • Brad James posted 2998 days ago

    Brad James

    Since Orton is leaving you guys, you can write him off too? I guess because Sid Luckman was your last great quarterback (or so Bears fans say) you can have a wet dream anytime you get a new one. Again, Cutler's wonderful. I don't hate him but he abandoned us so I don't really have time to worry about him. Yes, Elway did cry, why should I care? Everybody loves cracking on Broncos fans and everyone always picks our demise. However, since the merger, only the Dolphins, Steelers and Cowboys are better than we are. As Jim Rome says, Scoreboard. How many Super Bowls do you have. Oh, that's right, just one. We've got two. Yes, in this post, I do come across as a jackass but in my first post I was just sharing my opinion. We'll see how Orton does with an even better running game than what he had in Chicago. Forte is good but Moreno, Lamont Jordan and Correl Buckhalter will prove to be better. If you try to react, you'll get blocked. I know that Orton will love weapons he didn't have in Chicago. It's a team game, a-hole.

  • Brad James posted 2999 days ago

    Brad James

    you're entitled to your opinion and yes, the Broncos did give up more yards per play but ultimately both the Bears and Broncos' defenses were dismal (how do you defend the 21st ranking?) and neither one of them made the playoffs. Thus, they both failed. Are you bitter to see Orton go because he's actually pretty good? Cutler is a great talent but he's got to grow up. I have a feeling the notorious Chicago media will be eating him alive shortly.

  • Michael Rushton posted 3001 days ago

    Michael Rushton

    Thanks, Shaun. It took me a little by surprise based on one rather tepid comment I put on his latest article. I don't think I've even bothered to comment on any of his other articles.