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  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 484 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Debbie, great to hear from you again. I always remember you as one of the true Novak fans, and truth be told it's too bad we don't hear from more Djokovic fans on B/R. Here he is at the peak of his career, accomplishing achievements and records we've never seen before, but most casual tennis followers dismiss him. Maybe it's bad luck that he had to follow Federer and Nadal, but he doesn't have to take a back seat to either one in tennis. He's the most complete player I've ever seen. Furthermore, I wish tennis fans would get to know him more. He's an engaging person with a sense of humor and respect for kids and fans of all types--but you already know all this. He's also mentally tough, able to rise above the the crowds that rooted against him, esp. 2015 Wimbledon and USO against Federer. Anyway, I hope he is healthy for the USO and ready to assume the level of play he's shown the past two years. I enjoy the opportunities to write about him, as he is the centerpiece of tennis right now.

  • wendy baker posted 1231 days ago

    wendy baker

    Dear Debbie, sorry I've only just noticed this. The site has gone a bit funny hasn't it (I think they ought to sack their webmaster!) I did respond to yours so I hope you saw it. I have to say I am very flattered that you should enjoy my writing and I thank you for that. I am sorry also that you are now completely fed up with B/R - I often feel the same way, because most of the debates tend to revolve around Federer/Nadal fan bickering which is no doubt what irritates you also! I should probably give up also and just watch the tennis, that way I shan't get so annoyed/angry since it's more often the fans of Nadal, rather than Nadal per se (although gamesmanship does irritate!), that are the cause of the anger. I wish you well Debbie and (because he is my 2nd favourite for a long time) hope that Djokovic has plenty of success to follow - he really does deserve it.

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1330 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Debbie, just noticed your message on my bulletin board. I was a kid growing up in the 80s and actually first loved the Brad Daugherty-Kenny Smith 86 team that also ran into Len Bias, Johnny Dawkins etc. I loved college basketball when all the stars stayed four years and we could have teams establish wonderful chemistry and powerful rivalries. Really miss that. The college game is more about chucking up those long 3s after dribble penetration. Used to love watching the Carolina passing drills utilizing all sorts of creative shots between players that were talented but sacrificed for the good of the team......

    Tennis has always fascinated me with so many diverse styles and personalities. I must say that even players from long ago that beat some of my childhood heroes all became part of the nostalgia I still feel toward the game. Really appreciate it, and it reminds me to appreciate them all now. I think if we could all try and understand just how hard they invest themselves with these special tennis gifts and just how fierce the competition is. Yet, as you've pointed out with Novak, it's mighty impressive when they exhibit sportsmanship and represent themselves to sporting fans and kids. I think that matters. I know Novak means so much to Serbia and he has helped heal a couple generations of wounds through more than just his tennis. I do respect that and long after these great tennis player move on (quicker than we often realize) they will have lives to touch and help, if they so choose. I would almost guarantee that Novak will help anyone that he can. And I hope his wrist heals quickly so that he can compete at his best. He deserves to be at his best for shot at RG.

  • debbie posted 1334 days ago


    Can You believe it, I am just now finding your response to my note to you. First, I am way beyond being a Duke fan. How that got into my favorite, I have no idea. Will try to delete it. Must delete it or I may have trouble sleeping tonight.
    Yes I was @ Carolina during the George Karl, Macado era. Actually, While visitng a friend who was in law school during the early 80's I met Micheal Jordan, who was attending summer school,. Nice guy My most thrilling memory, however, was when we beat Duke scoring 9 points in 17 seconds. With all that said, I'd have to say, being a Carolina student was the best possible manner to transition into the world of becoming a responsible & fun adult.

    Now on to my current athletic passion. Guess who? Terrible news for Novak with the wrist injury. As I have posted, I gotta trust he only played with injury after feeling supremely confident he would not cause further damage. One thing I am most certain of, he did not play to satisfy the fans, correct some misgivings about him being a quitter etc. As has been suggested on B/R. Novak is anything but emotionally dependent on the assessment from the fickled press & fan base. This is a guy, that was ridiculed by the press & fans for his retirements. Which I do feel all were legitimate, He found a way getting nasal surgery, exploring his allergies/altering his diet etc. Only to rebound in 2011 with an amazing season. Who else on tour has had to not only battle the presence of Federer & Nadal but the hostility of the public. Kudos to this fine young man, from a country that carries some historic distain worldwide.
    I call all I have witnessed from this fine athlete to be superior to any of thoseaccomplishments by Nadal or federer. As he has more often than not had to swim against the tide. All the while maintaining his humility. I think this is sort of a 1970's Carolina/Hippie thing.
    Still perplexed by the Becker choice. I could not stand him. I elected to follow Guillermo Vilas, Agassi, Gerualitis, It certainly does not look like a great pairing. Again, though, I am inclined to feel Novak knows how to manage his affairs, Smart guy for sure. Even though, it is scientifically proven, our brains are not fully developed until mid to late 20's. Smile!!!!

    Thank you for helping B/R become a spot to open up about our fav athletes with some civility.

    You are absolutely the best on B/R. L

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1418 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Debbie, thanks for the bulletin board note. Yes, I've always loved UNC basketball going back to the late years of the Dean Smith era--my first memories really begin with the Brad Daugherty and Kenny Smith teams, and of course enjoyed the 93 championship.

    Super happy that Roy Willliams got them back on track in 05 and 09, but as with many college basketball teams now, it's tough to keep that continuity of great talent and for them to gel as a cohesive unit for 3-4 years. Very difficult to find the same kinds of college offenses designed for passing, post play and mid-range jumpers. Too much 3-pt hoisting now. But I do like Roy's concept of fastbreak basketball. Exciting brand of ball and attracts great athletes. The key for UNC the past few years has been their lack of trench workers inside and lockdown defenders. And this year has been inconsistent with some big wins and head-scratching losses.

    But I noticed you also like Duke basketball? I didn't know that was allowed! Ha Ha...

    Anyway, always good to get your perspectives on tennis. We're a few months away from the French Open, but it will be interesting to see where the top contenders are by this time. I like Novak's chances if he is healthy, refreshed and playing well at MC, Madrid and Rome. I would be very happy for him if he get could win his career Grand Slam, and is the most deserving player to be the next to win there.

  • DeAnte Mitchell posted 2910 days ago

    DeAnte Mitchell

  • reredeF0regoR posted 2913 days ago


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  • Long John Silver posted 2969 days ago

    Long John Silver

    THANKS for the note debbie .... so how have you been, been a while since ive seen you ?

  • Ronger Fengerer posted 2987 days ago

    Ronger Fengerer

    Djoker won in China! And he is to return to No. 3 in a week! Things are getting back to normal again finally.

  • Sudeshna Banerjee posted 3030 days ago

    Sudeshna Banerjee

    Wrote an article on Elena Dementieva. Hope u can give it a read -