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  • Alexandrr Roberge posted 1344 days ago

    Alexandrr Roberge

    Hi, i truly love bleacher report. As a basketball fan i love the way you guys cover the NBA, NCAA. But i just have one thing to mention. You and Tyler Conway need to agree on one thing, the draft stock of Shabazz Nappier. You say Nappier deserve a lock in the 1st round of the 2014 NBA draft. Unfortunately, Tyler Conway is also writing an article right on Nappier and says that even after all he did during march, he's not going to be a lock in the 1st round. I know that you guys have the right to have different opinion (and i love that). But, putting 2 articles on the same headlines with different point of view is not the best idea for the reader. You could mention in your news (and put a link) that your colleague is writing on the same topic with a different opinion. I love you guys and everything you do. I consider Bleacher Report as my primary source of sports news even tough i'm a french Canadian (sorry for all the mistake in the text).

    Thanks for taking the time to read what i had to say and continue the good work, you guys are the best.

  • Steve DeLong posted 1398 days ago

    Steve DeLong

    OMAHA is not an audible, it's an acronym: "Oh My, A Helicopter Above!"

  • Kade Bollinger posted 1441 days ago

    Kade Bollinger

    Your latest topic covering the Sugar Bowl is terrible. All that you did was show how much of a bonehead you are. You feet kiss the SEC and hate my Sooners. That article was filled with your biased opinion. It was terrible and full of lies.

    And by the way, you should look at the comments. An awesome Sooner fan owned you and proved that you were flat out wrong.

  • Tim Allen posted 1493 days ago

    Tim Allen

    Alex, you omitted the game this week between #20 Wisconsin and #11 Florida. I believe they are both in the top 25 and, as such, qualify for a game featuring 2 top-25 teams. It shouldn't have been that hard to research schedules and find out. It's not like the Big Ten or SEC don't have high profile teams every year.

  • Thomas Michael posted 1532 days ago

    Thomas Michael

    In your article today concerning the Ole Miss football team you make egregious grammatical errors. For instance please note for is a preposition. It should be followed by him not he.

  • Manish Mehta posted 1567 days ago

    Manish  Mehta

    I thought i was terrible in the area of covering sports but you sir are TERRIBLE .

  • Gary T posted 1568 days ago

    Gary T

    I hate to say this but your not a very good sports writer. You have all your facts wrong.

  • K Dot posted 1568 days ago

    K Dot

    The Jets vs Eagles preseason preview was easily the worst articles on this website. Almost everything you stated in that article was wrong. Please next time you write do your own research and dont listen to the media or just dont write anymore.

  • d d posted 1568 days ago

    d d

    You are a disgrace as a sports writer. Please go find work elsewhere.

  • Ice von Bingen posted 1578 days ago

    Ice von Bingen

    Nadal is 16-0 on HC this year -- SIX matches at IW + Five each at Montreal and Cincinnati.