Murat Ozhan

Murat Ozhan


My name is Murat, I am 24 year old Utah Jazz fan from Istanbul.I have been a Jazz fan since 1998 Finals (the time I started following the NBA and decided to root against Jordan unlike everyone else). My interest towards Jazz has been tripled after the FA signing of Memo. Since then I virtually haven't missed a single Jazz game including the 26 win season. I have adjusted my life to adapt to the 9 hour time difference with Utah, although I have no regrets and haven't suffered any noticeable setback in any area of my social/student life.

Basketball is by far my favorite sport, actually I find soccer to be a very boring game. Yet I have no talent whatsoever in any skilled sports. I can make %30 of my free throws on 9-foot rims. However I have done a lot of body building since I turned 19 and have been played at RB/FB on my college team's American football team. Mind you the competition is 10 times weaker in Turkey than what I guess it should be in the US.

I am a second year MBA student with engineering background and I am looking forward to have a stint in the USA for a few years for education/working purposes in finance. I will try my best to contribute to the Jazz community on this website.

Go Jazz, the coolest team with the coolest fan base ever!

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