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I was born and raised in sunny southern California. Over fifteen years ago, I realized my passion for writing around the same time I came to love the game of basketball. I strive to bring this amazing sport to my audience in an authentic, in-your-face kind of way. All feedback is greatly appreciated, as it directs me towards giving my audience the articles they are looking to read. You got criticism, bring it. You got a compliment, I'll take that too. Whatever it is, I love discussing, debating and writing about this game. So, if nothing else, my goal is to take your mind away from the daily grind while you spend time following my work. I hope to bring you nothing but satisfaction and meaningful content. Enjoy everyone.

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  • Ricky Mac posted 1952 days ago

    Ricky Mac

    Hey Daniel i've been hearing that the lakers could land barbosa and the lakers are one of his three options.

  • Michael Hilton posted 1956 days ago

    Michael Hilton

    Hey,Daniel Boston well we have a big year ahead of us,with the Lakers.My dream came true, when Dwight Howard got traded to the Lakers.I am so happy,that we have one of the best teams in NBA history on paper.I think the Lakers will get the championship.Well i am now a fan of yours on Bleacher Report.I stopped in to say hey and take care.Go Lakers.

  • ian farstad posted 1963 days ago

    ian farstad

    good to know thanks man, and i appreciate the time, not many people take the time to respond to individual users keep up the good work and go lakers

  • ian farstad posted 1963 days ago

    ian farstad

    thanks for the info, when do you expect dwight howard to be playing, and also do you see the lakers making any more moves before the regular season starts

  • ian farstad posted 1964 days ago

    ian farstad

    hey man your my favorite lakers writer on BR so i figured i would ask you, what ever happened with the Kenyon Martin rumors, not necessarily him to the lakers but him in general, he might be old but he's one of the best FA's left.

  • Christina Fowlkes posted 1989 days ago

    Christina Fowlkes

    You're cooler (;

  • Amal Abbass posted 1990 days ago

    Amal Abbass

    My pleasure! By that I just mean that when it is a direct quote, put the hyperlink in (as you did) and also cite the author/publication in the actual sentence. : )

  • Akif Islam posted 1994 days ago

    Akif Islam

    your articles are good - you consider both sides very very well
    im gonna become a fan

  • Jonathan Taylor posted 1994 days ago

    Jonathan Taylor

    Hey Daniel just want to say your articles are always great reads. Look forward to reading your stuff when Dwight final joins the Lakers. :)

  • Euno Lee posted 2007 days ago

    Euno Lee

    Thanks! Quite the compliment from someone who's such a big part of the Laker community here.