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  • Bam Bam posted 1868 days ago

    Bam Bam

    No worries Trevon if I was mad you wouldn't know! Air-Force. Koo! All I can tell you is do your time and get out! For 12 years is USA got pissed I was sent someplace shity, then 13 years following high value targets in equally crappy places! As far as combat goes I went as far as you can go. Good luck!!!

  • Bam Bam posted 1869 days ago

    Bam Bam

    Ya, Trevon I hope I would! I work to be a real easy guy. If I don't it could cause some real trouble. I'm not saying I'm some kind of tough guy or I look for people to beat up, but my training came from uncle sam. I have never hurt some guy for the fight. On the occasion iv'e had to use my training its been if you don't win you die! I was going to post this and figured it would be best to just send it to you. Remember all my thoughts on Punk are just opinions. Trevon, what do you do?