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  • Bobbi posted 622 days ago


    No Will, Bob is not a Jets fan.

    He does not like anyone on the team.

    His only purpose is to cause problems and more problems.

    He needs to stop it. If both sides completely ignores him and his hateful comments maybe he will go away.

    He is craving attention of any kind. Bob must be very lonely with no family or friends. I can see why he would not have any friends.

    He is a horrible person. Does he even know he is a horrible person? I'm sure he knows because he is making a conscious effort to put these hate filled comments out there.

    Bob: I hit the nail on the head. What else is a person supposed to think?


  • Will posted 623 days ago



    I have no idea if you are a Jets fan or not.

    I am assuming you are.

    And . . . since you and I have been going at it . . . I will show you enough respect to explain myself and the situation as I see it.

    I do not hate Tim Tebow.

    Nor do I hate Team Tebow or Tebow followers.

    Far from it.

    But . . . this is where I drew the line:

    Angry Denver Broncos and Tebow fans started to overrun our team site and began to criticize our organization for not untilizing their hero properly.

    And . . . to a certain extent . . . I could understand their sentiments.

    But. . . then . . . in my opinion . . . they took things too far and started ripping our team, our owner, our general manager, our headcoach, our offensive coordinator . . . and our starting quarterback.

    Just because Tebow was not replacing Sanchez. . . and starting . . . the way he did in Denver with Orton and Quinn.

    Not only that . . . but we then started having b/r writers . . . who are fans of other teams . . . start ripping on the Jets to . . . as RC Cos explained . . . increase their readershup and ratings.

    It was. . . and has been . . . open season on the Jets.

    At a certain point . . . and I do not remember when that was . . . I said enough of this bullshit and started fighting back.

    In my opinion . . . and I realize you will probably disagree . . . Tebow fans started taking our their frustration on Jets fans.

    I could name names . . . but you know who they are.

    They hate the Broncos for trading him.

    And . . . they hate the Jets for not playing him.

    And . . . some of the b/r writers . . . who are fans of our division rivals . . . seized the opportunity to criticize us as well.

    I realize that most of them are not Jets fans.

    It was easy enough to figure out.

    I also realize that most will continue to follow Tebow wherever he winds up next.

    All of that is fine.

    I could care less.

    But . . . when they start showing up on team site and ripping our team . . . I will continue to fight back and defend our team.

    To be more specific . . . our headcoach and our starting quarterback.

    Believe it or not . . . it is that simple.

    And . . . to be honest . . . I cannot wait for Tim Tebow to go elsewhere and take his fans and all of the biased b/r writers with him.