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A frequent visitor to the Cleveland Cavaliers message boards under the name "Heart-of-Rock-n-Roll," Matt is a 25-year-old graduate of Hiram College in Hiram, OH where he was willingly sucked into the vortex of Cleveland sports.

Matt is a Northeast Ohioan in spirit, having actually been born and raised in the sparsely populated Adirondack/Champlain Valley region of upstate New York. In 2006, Matt returned to this region where he currently works as an editor for a local newspaper.

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  • Tim Coughlin posted 2832 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    Matt, you should come back and write a curling article now that it's back in full swing. I think a lot of people will be looking it up. One quick idea is explaining the rules: "Curling for Dummies: Rules of the Winter Olympics' Least Athletic Sport" (or something like that).

    Let me know what you think either way. I don't know curling too well, but I might write it if no one else does.

  • sarah Bumgardner posted 3396 days ago

    sarah Bumgardner

    Hi, this may seem a little strange, but I came across your profile and I was wondering if you could pass my e-mail address onto your wife. We were really good friends in high school. Thanks!,

  • John Cho posted 3487 days ago

    John Cho

    Matt thanks for your comment on my humor article about Darius Songaila's suspension -- could you provide me with some feedback on what exactly was "biased and sloppy" about it? I know I was walking a fine line with the article between Wizards fans and Cavs fans -- but it was partly in jest as it had more of a satirical edge to it... Still, looking to improve. Thanks.

  • Ryan Alberti posted 3500 days ago

    Ryan Alberti

    Happy to help, Matt...and thanks for the encouraging words.

    Keep the good stuff coming,


  • Jonathan Penney posted 3509 days ago

    Jonathan Penney

    Matt, Thanks for the edit on my article. I was having troubles getting the tags to come up, did you do something special?

  • Andrew Palumbo posted 3513 days ago

    Andrew Palumbo

    Hey Matt,

    I'm hoping you'll check out my latest article about China, the Olympic games, protests, and our own responses to these current events. I'm making a concerted effort to reach out to people who have added me as a "favorite writer" to attempt to spark a discussion which affects us as sports fans and supporters of a forum for free-speech. Thank you for helping me to get the ball rolling!

    You can find the piece here:

    Please leave comments on your feelings and opinions.



  • Andrew Palumbo posted 3516 days ago

    Andrew Palumbo


    Thanks for the pick of the day vote, I appreciate it! Yeah, I've got to say, if the Oakland Raiders articles weren't so well written I'd be incredibly sick of them by now. haha But I keep going back. I do enjoy trying to throw a little upstate into my writing. Haven't done a whole lot of that on this website though (thanks Syracuse...thanks), but hopefully there'll be some newsworthy stuff coming out of the area sometime soon.

    I'm thinking of covering the Giants preseason camp... which is sacriledge since I'm a New England fan, but as a sports fan, I'd be stupid not to when it's so damn close.

    Glad to see you representing the 518, keep up the solid articles. I really enjoyed the NBA MVP: Team Success is Crucial column. Although the site is bogged down with many useless MVP projections, your piece was one of the few with some real substance!

  • Scott Miles posted 3521 days ago

    Scott Miles

    Good work on the Cavs writing - keep it up.