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  • jason hughes posted 1511 days ago

    jason hughes

    10. loveless, My Boody Vaentine
    09.Illmaic, Nas
    07.Anything Near Water,Chokebore
    06.Welcome to Sky Valley, kyuss
    05. Houdini, The Melvins
    04. lo mana corunda , The Supersuckers
    03. Dr. Oc togon, Dr. of Oncology
    02. Blues for the Red Sun, Kyuss
    01.Fantastic Planet , Failure

  • The Truth Turcott posted 1622 days ago

    The Truth Turcott

    hey Anthony I'm back lol...

  • Mike D posted 1734 days ago

    Mike D

    Respond with a semicolon if you are being held captive in Stoker's basement

    (I'll alert the mounties)

  • Kountry King posted 1735 days ago

    Kountry King

    Merry Christmas Anthony!

    Here is my Christmas Article :)

  • Mike D posted 1742 days ago

    Mike D

    I shall start a scholarship fund in your honor

  • Mike D posted 1743 days ago

    Mike D

    My condolences to your family

  • Mike D posted 1745 days ago

    Mike D

    Did you die ?

    If so, don't worry about replying

  • Sting Fan posted 1752 days ago

    Sting Fan

    Still doubting me my friend? LOL!

  • Sting Fan posted 1760 days ago

    Sting Fan

    I know you are going to love this one LOL!