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I grew up a huge Chicago sports fan because of an uncle from Chicago who influenced me tremendously. While I've had to endure the Bartman debacle....the Rex "Oh my God, he threw another one" Grossman years....and the Jordan-less Bulls (zzzzzzzzz)....it has been worth it! Harry Carry's drunken 7th inning stretches....The Superbowl Shuffle (come on, you know you love it!).....and a truckload of championship trophies hoisted in the air by the "Airness" himself. And for the record, I root for the Ohio State Buckeyes and honor the lifelong tradition of despising the Michigan Wolverines.

I'm just a sports lover who doesn't obsess, but tries to embrace the competition and the skill that goes into each sport. I "try" to appreciate each sport whether I'm a fan or not (ex. Soccer...it hurt just to type it, but it's true). If I don't have a favorite team playing, I love to root for the underdog........ I've always enjoyed writing (with a bit of humor) and when I stumbled upon Bleacher Report.....I thought this could be a good avenue to write some things.....fairly simple! Maybe, I'll add more later, but that's it in a nutshell!

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