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Dale Fetter

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My name is Dale Fetter, and I currently live in the Panhandle of Florida. I really got into sports in the 1990s, which is where I became a die-hard for life Yankee fan. I will support the Yanks till the day I die, no matter the tough times the team may be going through, oh and F Boston. Anyways onward with the bio. Some of my other favorite sports teams are the Jacksonville Jags (Hometown team), The LA Lakers (Been a fan since the Shaq/Kobe days), the Florida St. Seminoles, and of course my passion is Wrestling and MMA. Recently with the terrible storylines and feuds I've sort of had a fallen out with my wrestling passion, and have really got into MMA. I still love wrestling though, and hope for them to finally get out of this slump, and putting on good shows instead of the usual crap we see out of the E.

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