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I was raised a Carolina Tar Heel fan, and still hold that loyalty, despite having graduated from N.C. State, one of their main rivals. I also consider myself a fan of the Carolina Panthers, though I consider them my second favorite NFL team. All other loyalties have been grown for my support of specific players. I am a Detroit Lions fan because as a kid I was amazed by what Barry Sanders was able to do on the field. Ever since, I have held that loyalty....much to my dismay. I still blame them for their use of the "bait and swap" technique. Similarly, my NBA allegiances have been based on support of specific players. That support went from pulling for the Bulls (Jordan) then a series of different teams that Vince Carter played for, and finally settling (at least for the time being) on the Celtics because I'm a fan of the big three and a big fan of Rondo. With the big three era likely ending after this season, I may be switching allegiances...but i can assure won't be to the Miami Heat.

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