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Grant makes words be sentences. Usually, said sentences are about sports.
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  • Larry Heart posted 223 days ago

    Larry Heart

    I so much loved "Marshall Guarantees Lakers Win Over Clippers" that just want to thank you, Grant! Really strong points.

  • Rap City posted 254 days ago

    Rap City

    write more about the raptors. you were dead on with everything you wrote about rudy

  • Joe armstead posted 305 days ago

    Joe armstead

    Your article about clippers covering up the banners was very one sided when and where did this ever happen? That a team that shares a building with another team went total Bush league and covered up stuff . Do the jets cover up the giants stuff during home games. I have not seen one article about doc taking this to far because he still bleeds Celtic green nobody's thought of that. But one thing that he should not be able to do is cover the title that came at his expense the one he lost to the lakers with the Celtics that true injustice

  • Ben Goebel posted 308 days ago

    Ben Goebel

    I don't know how you didn't mention the rivalry between the heat and the bulls. That was like the biggest rivalry last season. C'mon man!

  • Shawn Adams posted 338 days ago

    Shawn  Adams

    You should write an article about the roster of a new dream team with current nba players.

  • Honey Nut Cheerios posted 341 days ago

    Honey Nut Cheerios

    Where can I find a site that tells me the average NBA players stat line is, preferably with a minutes requirement?

  • Paul Minicucci posted 349 days ago

    Paul Minicucci

    I live in Iowa, who are these Hawkeyes you speak of? Your best game is a practice? Wow, and I thought the final CYA game in 1967 between the St Anthony Big Dippers and the Power Memorial Junior high Lew Alcindors was the best game.

  • Bball Fan posted 354 days ago

    Bball Fan

    Why not the HEAT for place for MELO, I mean riley knows how to get players in to shape, and it would be great for them to have a big body to put up against Hibbert, chandler, Garnet, at the least he gives them 6 fouls

  • Long gone posted 403 days ago

    Long gone

    Hey Grant.

  • Greg Swartz posted 415 days ago

    Greg Swartz

    Congratulations on FC of the month. Enjoy reading your work!

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