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Grant makes words be sentences. Usually, said sentences are about sports.
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  • Julius Bremer posted 12 days ago

    Julius Bremer

    Enjoyed your article regarding Kobe. I wholeheartedly agree, ending with the statue comparison was spot on. Those rings have made his rugged individualism stand out as primarily why he is one of the top players ever to play the game. It will presumably be why his possibly last season will end without edging ever closer to standing outside of Michael Jordan's shadow. It will take a virtual miracle for a veteran of his stature to prove all the critics wrong. Part of me wants him too prove them wrong, but his last two seasons makes that seem impossible. To reinvent himself, as a senior citizen of the nba, is rarer than the player himself. If he helps push his team into the playoffs, ends up in the Finals, and presumably beats the Lebron James's Cavs, he will have to be seen as equal to Jordan if not better.

  • Carmelo Notanthony posted 173 days ago

    Carmelo Notanthony


  • Scott Criscuolo posted 235 days ago

    Scott Criscuolo

    Hey Grant,

    I'm co-host of a sports podcast called "Extra Point" on We would love to have you on as a guest to talk NBA. @P2BExtraPoint.

    Keep up the great work!

  • i-c-i-2-i with-PacerFans posted 237 days ago

    i-c-i-2-i with-PacerFans

    Grant H. A quick shout-out to give you accolades for your great writing wit and style. A great example is the article; Ranking the NBA's New Bad Boys, Jan 5, 2015. I really enjoy reading your work, past and present!
    I would love to read your in-depth thoughts on what's to come of my NBA love... the Indiana Pacers.... yes, those unfortunate injury plagued "last 3 seasons Eastern runner-ups" !?!
    PS: C'mon, stop laughing and start writing :)

  • Saleem Mumtaz posted 280 days ago

    Saleem Mumtaz

    Hi, Grant Hughes I wan your short time for interview. Need your two-three lines answers only. I'll hardly take 10 minutes for written interview. Please arrange a suitable time. I'll send few questions regarding your carrier.

    Your fan
    Saleem Mumtaz

  • Knickerbocker posted 337 days ago


    Sup Grant...

    Can you do an article on

    Cavs big 3 vs OKC's?!?!?!?

    You may include the Waiters vs Jackson as well....Thanks!

  • Kings Fan posted 345 days ago

    Kings Fan

    i will respect your definition and opion of what a "franchise player," but i think you shouldve at least mentioned that and gave reasoning behind it. based on the comments from that article, i wasnt the only one who thought demarcus is the franchise player, it left a lot of people wondering how a guy who puts up some of the best numbers in the league isnt considered a franchise player simply because his team doesnt win games. winning games is a team effort and im very confident no one could make a case for why demarcus is the reason the kings are losing

  • Alex Thompson posted 345 days ago

    Alex Thompson

    Really? Demarcus Cousins has matured as a person and as an NBA Player and is most definitely the Franchise Player of his team. Please do your Home work Mr. Hughs

  • Tom Calarco posted 346 days ago

    Tom Calarco

    Grant, you got it wrong on Alec Burks. He didn't crack the starting lineup because the Jazz had an idiot for a coach. Many diehard Jazz fans believe Burks has more upside than overrated Gordon Hayward. Time will tell.

  • Kings Fan posted 350 days ago

    Kings Fan

    im still wondering how you seem to think cousins isnt the franchise player of the kings. he is putting up some of the best numbers among centers, is the best player on the kings, matured in the locker room, locked with the team through the next 4 years on a max deal, is emerging as the leader of team(to the contrary of what you say) but from a fan who goes to at least 15 games a year and watches the rest on tv, he is showing he is the leader of the team. the new front office and management have even made it clear that they see demarcus as "the cornerstone" of the franchise. grant please go do some research before you write