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Grant makes words be sentences. Usually, said sentences are about sports.
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  • Sam Benshoof posted 6 days ago

    Sam Benshoof

    Please don't write another Kevin Love article unless you have something insightful to say. The Timberwolves should trade Love for a terrible contract (Lee) and a less-than-role player (Barnes)? Give me a break.

  • Scott Berg posted 41 days ago

    Scott Berg

    Irreversible damage. Funny.

  • KobeForever24 KobetheBeast posted 41 days ago

    KobeForever24 KobetheBeast

    Come on, man. We need your consistency, man. After the Heat squeaked a win in game 2 against the Spurs, you had counted out the Spurs and was saying "irreversible damage." Now, game three blowout by the Spurs win, and you are writing in favor of them. Come on, man, big fan of you, man, but you really have had gone downhill lately.

  • Ronson Lee posted 60 days ago

    Ronson Lee

    My friend made this awesome Steph Curry video that ranges from 2009 to 2014. I just want to share the greatness!! Thanks for watching!!

  • Jake Dinsdale posted 80 days ago

    Jake Dinsdale

    Write something positive on the Blazers for once. It gets a little old seeing a Grant Hughes article every time the they lose one game.

  • Christian Sherrard posted 82 days ago

    Christian Sherrard

    Your article on if the Blazers missed their opportunity last night is literally the dumbest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. You seriously think that last night was Portland's only chance to close the series??? Why even write an article about that when only 8 TEAMS IN NBA HISTORY have come back from a 3-1 series deficit. You act like because Houston had one good game they are all of a sudden going to somehow magically win 3 in a row to close out the series. I'm going to look at every article on here and never read another one from you because you literally are the most clearly biased writer on here. Try being objective. BR should honestly fire you for all these horrible articles. The Blazers one was just the straw that broke the camel's back for me. You constantly give no credit to the Warriors and other teams you clearly don't like. You even write articles about Warriors being villains. Go take your crappy writing anywhere but here please.

  • Lucious Magillicutty posted 83 days ago

    Lucious Magillicutty

    Grant, does Bleacher Report turn off the comments on your articles or is that on a writer by writer basis?

  • Javier Landaverde posted 85 days ago

    Javier Landaverde

    Grant, I find many of your articles being biased towards the Warriors. Your latest one calling the Warriors "Villains" but there not Villains towards the Clippers. Warriors are opponents. Why the hate so much on the Warriors smh? Why don't you make an article of how great the warriors played for that game or how Curry was the best player in today's game.

  • Dana Greer posted 96 days ago

    Dana Greer

    How in the world does DeAndre Jordan not get Defensive Player of the year? He has more rebounds than Noah, both defensive and offensive, almost twice as many blocks (203 to 119) and the steals are about the same! Does actual defensive play go into your thought process when you are thinking about this stuff?

  • Larry Heart posted 193 days ago

    Larry Heart

    I so much loved "Marshall Guarantees Lakers Win Over Clippers" that just want to thank you, Grant! Really strong points.

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