Edwin Cullinan

Edwin Cullinan


Started following sports 1967 when I was 8. Played weight controlled football for Holmesburg Boys Club. Sport I was best at Football. Favorite sport Basketball. Since I'm only 5'5" best I could do was coach B-ball. Played in the Quaker City English Dart League for 25 years till 2011. Diagnosed with Tongue Cancer March 2011, had 2/3 of my tongue removed 4/5/11. Currently Cancer Free. Hey, that rhymes! Oh, by the way HBC & The QCEDL are both in Philly (boooo, just checking our anthem, HA,HA). Favorite writers Stan Hochman, Robert Ludlum, Ken Follett.

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  • Dan Van Wie posted 1785 days ago

    Dan Van Wie

    Edwin: Glad that you enjoyed the article about the most devastating injuries in Franchise History for every NFL team.

    With respect to your question on Chuck Hughes, the only thing that I found was this information on Wikipedia:

    On October 24, 1971 while playing for the Detroit Lions, he suffered a fatal heart attack during the final minutes of a game versus the Chicago Bears at Tiger Stadium in Detroit. He had run a pass route but was not part of the play, an incomplete pass intended for Lions tight end Charlie Sanders. He was jogging back to the huddle when he collapsed on the Bears' 15-yard line without contact.[2] Initially some thought he was faking an injury to stop the clock, but Bears linebacker Dick Butkus frantically signalled for help on the field.[5] It was obvious that he was in serious trouble, and the game was finished in near silence. His teammates were informed of his death before leaving the stadium. Hughes, as it turned out, suffered from advanced arteriosclerosis. The autopsy revealed that his coronary arteries were 75% blocked and that he had been done in by a blood clot that completely cut the circulation to his heart muscle.[6] His family had a history of heart problems.[7] Hughes was buried in San Antonio, Texas, and all 40 of his Lions teammates attended his funeral, including head coach Joe Schmidt.[3] He is survived by his widow, Sharon Leah, and his son, who was 1 year and 11 months old at the time, Brandon Shane.[2] A $10,000 trust fund was set up for his son Brandon by an insurance company.[8] His widow filed a $21.5 million malpractice lawsuit against Henry Ford Hospital in 1972 for not diagnosing his condition when he was hospitalized after complaining of chest pains. The lawsuit was settled on October 3, 1974 for an undisclosed amount of money.[9]

    The Lions retired his number, 85, in his honor, and annually make an award to the most improved player in his name.

    Sorry I don't know more about him Edwin, but I hope that helps. Take care.

    Dan Van Wie

  • Roy Toland posted 1790 days ago

    Roy  Toland

    I Hope you realize I have no arguments with you,You are a dedicated Fan as am I we just look at the game through different sets of eyes

  • Edwin Cullinan posted 1950 days ago

    Edwin Cullinan

    Edwin just played sports trivia currently in 50th place.