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Graduate of Caldwell College with a degree in History. I am an avid sports fan with a particular interest in the NBA and WWE. It's a pleasure to be able to blend both passions together, in writing and sports. The beauty of the B/R community and sports in general is that we can dissect and debate as if it has some major political ramifications.

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  • Scott Polacek posted 1379 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits Emmanuel. Much appreciated.

  • Elliott Binks posted 1380 days ago

    Elliott Binks

    Hey Emmanuel, thanks for the recent edit and feedback, much appreciated!

  • Jeff Lambert posted 1488 days ago

    Jeff Lambert

    Sorry I'm a little late to the party here, but had to drop by two cents.

    Gotta disagree on leaving Kobe off the list. It's a subjective list, I get that, but any top 10 list that doesn't include Kobe Bryant is only because (1) someone wants to piss off the legions of misguided Kobe worshipers, or (2) someone let their personal feelings get in the way. I get both of those, but it's still wrong.

    Kobe's the best two way player of his generation. He is the second best Shooting Guard ever. At his high point, no one ever got hotter. Ever.

    Look at his resume:

    5 Championships (as 1st or 2nd best player -- look at the 2001 playoffs and try to tell me Kobe was the "lesser player". 29-7-6 with 47% fg)
    2 Finals MVPs
    1 NBA MVP (should be two - 2006)
    4th All Time Points Scored
    15 Time All Star
    11 Time First Team All NBA
    9 Time First Team All Defense
    2 Time Scoring Champ

    As for the argument with Duncan. Kobe and Duncan have met 6 times in the playoffs. Kobe's teams are 4-2. In each of those four series wins (including all three with Shaq), Kobe was the best player on the floor and that's not even debatable. So if you want to say Duncan was the best player on the floor in his 4 titles, that's fine. But in 4 of 6 series with Kobe, he was not. Kobe also went to 7 NBA Finals in an 11 year span. Duncan went to 5 Finals in 14 years.

    In terms of Shaq, Kobe got 2 chips after Shaq left town. Shaq got one (a dubious one at that).

    Also, the argument that Shaq was clearly the best player on all three title teams is shortsighted. Esepcially in the playoffs. The best teams the Lakers faced during those title runs were NOT the Pacers, Sixers and Nets. They were the Blazers, Spurs and Kings. And in two of those three matchups, Kobe was clearly the best player on the floor. So let's not overrate the Finals MVP those years.

    My (subjective) Top 10:

    1 - Jordan
    2 - Kareem
    3 - Russell
    4 - Magic
    5 - Bird
    6 - Wilt
    7 - Kobe
    8 - LeBron
    9 - Duncan
    10 - Shaq

    Our lists are pretty close, actually. I'd even have the Dream at 11. And LeBron will leap frog Kobe if he continues on his current path. You can even make a strong case for LeBron being 7 and Kobe being 8 right now. But I'd give Kobe the edge just on the sheer mass of his career numbers.

    Leaving Kobe off your top 10 all together? Come on, man. You don't really believe that, do you?

    Tell me you were just trying to piss people off. I'll accept that.

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 1491 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Thanks for the edit!

  • Colin Rourke posted 1509 days ago

    Colin Rourke

    Your top 10 players in the history of the NBA was by far the worst list i have ever seen.

  • Scott Polacek posted 1511 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits today Emmanuel.

  • Ryan Dilbert posted 1583 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Appreciate the edits, Emmanuel, but doesn't the B/R style guide not capitalize Del Rio's finisher?

  • Scott Polacek posted 1682 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits today Emmanuel. Much appreciated.

  • Craig Amos posted 1683 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks, Emmanuel.

  • Luis Campos posted 1684 days ago

    Luis Campos

    Thanks for the edits Emmanuel