Ravikumar Rajagopal

Ravikumar Rajagopal


Amateur F1 Writer who wishes to be a Professional soon. Currently into advertising and been following F1 since Schumacher won his first World Championship. Is a Tifosi and favourite drivers includes Schumacher, Alonso & Vettel. Former national level oarsman in India and also plays Cricket, Tennis and Soccer occasionally. Is a fitness freak and has to work out atleast once a day. Is a huge Manchester United fan and would want to see them live on Old Trafford. Also a tennis buff and a big time Maria Sharapova fan!!!

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  • Sundeep Murthy posted 2860 days ago

    Sundeep Murthy

    Hi this is Sundeep Murthy. I will like to use your article in a magazine with due credit line and pix. Let me know if your are interested. Cheers

  • Richard Everett posted 2982 days ago

    Richard Everett

    Hey Rav,
    Take a look at my latest article, its a divisive topic i know but would appreciate your comments - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/271956-lessons-from-nascar-what-f1-could-learn-for-its-stock-car-counterpart

  • al asifyouknow posted 3008 days ago

    al asifyouknow

    I don't like requesting a read but this one is special..lol
    "You the Man, Know What I'm Sayin'? You the Man! Ain't Nobody Else. by al asifyouknow"

  • Muffakham Shaheriyar posted 3016 days ago

    Muffakham Shaheriyar

    here u may try it:

  • Dann Khan posted 3101 days ago

    Dann Khan

    He mate

    wrote a piece which I tried to make my master piece. Could you please cheack it out. Don't be scared of telling me if it is bad


  • Dann Khan posted 3106 days ago

    Dann Khan

    Hey mate.
    Did my first slide show today. It is supposed to be humor. Tell me if you like it


  • Blaine Spence posted 3124 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    F1 community:
    It is not too late to make a difference!
    You can help. Please give a read and "pay this forward" Some things are bigger than sports.


  • paul velasco posted 3138 days ago

    paul velasco

    Please send me your email address as I have a proposal for you to consider regarding F1 reporting for new website.
    My email is info@yallaf1.com