Christopher King

Christopher King


Chris is a huge sports fan. Though he loves sports his job is more involved with Music and theatre. He is an accomplished musician, actor and writer. His passion for sports becomes clear when he argues with friends about the constant frustration with the home town Canucks!

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  • Grace Leavitt posted 3508 days ago

    Grace Leavitt

    Excellent writing in the Dave Nonis piece! Thanks for the comprehensive and completely enjoyable read.

  • M MacDonald Hall posted 3522 days ago

    M MacDonald Hall

    I really liked your "Stick That Broke the Back" piece. Great article. I was going to change the deja vous spelling, as that means "again/already you" whereas deja vu is "already seen", specifically referring to an experience rather than an induvidual; deja vu is a specific term has distinctive sub-types, so I left what you had as it may be what you intended. I'm a bit crazy when it comes to language. sorry!

    Anyroad, it was a very good look at a team we had hoped for more from. It would be great if four NW team made the playoffs... there's an argument for the strength of our division!

    Keep it up.

  • KP Wee posted 3529 days ago

    KP Wee

    Welcome to the Bleacher Report! Cheers...