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  • Justin Poindexter posted 1715 days ago

    Justin Poindexter

    My favorite movie? lol... Idk.. don't really have one favorite... I like the movie Notorious a lot though...

  • Daniel Levy posted 1753 days ago

    Daniel Levy

    Why is Greg Little = Too Little? Too little catches. Too little ability to hold on to the ball. Too little production to remain on any better NFL team (Can't imagine a single playoff-caliber team that would trade for him.)

  • Amber Lee posted 1775 days ago

    Amber Lee

    That message below doesn't look at all like what I wrote...Some kind of strange glitch? Anyway! I was just commenting on the nonsensical comment about shunning people. :)

  • Amber Lee posted 1775 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there—Thanks so much for fanning me on here, I really appreciate the support :) Hope you'll stay in touch via B/R or hit me me up on Twitter (@Blamberr) at some point re shunning. WTF.

  • Kumar Kallurupalli posted 1793 days ago

    Kumar Kallurupalli

    You can't follow the Bible and still be accepting. Either you follow it fully and shun everybody not like you or you can ignore the Bible and treat a fellow human being the way you want to be treated.

  • Kumar Kallurupalli posted 1793 days ago

    Kumar Kallurupalli

    Your name is Alex Wentzell. C'mon man. Do you want me to pretend that it is a middle eastern name?

    1. Not all Christians hate homosexuals. True enough. But the ones who do quote the bible. If you take all of the Bible to be true you must obviously hate them. If you don't take all of the Bible to be true, the veracity of the whole thing comes into question. So I call BS on this one. If you think that there is any way to combat this hate without taking the Bible which explicitly states that homosexuality is an evil act out of the equation than let me know.

    2. I couldn't care less if your religion is not Christianity. My replies were directed to people of all religions who think they can tell others what to do.

    3. The guy is an idiot. You expect all atheists to be smart? Kinda like all Christians are smart (sarcasm)? There is an idiot in every community. I still find it hard to believe that somebody didn't do something to provoke him in the class. And why didn't you just switch seats?

  • Kumar Kallurupalli posted 1794 days ago

    Kumar Kallurupalli

    You need to understand this simple thing. I don't care if you worship any deity your mind can conceive. I couldn't care less. Well... I think it's stupid but in the end it is your life.

    What I do have a problem with is some people who believe it is their right to interfere in the lives of others. In this case homosexual people. I have a problem when you try to teach Creationism like it is a sound theory in school. I have a problem when your pastors preach hate. I have a problem when you use my tax money to pay for Sunday school instead of using it on normal schools.

    So in conclusion, I don't care.

    Also, in case you didn't notice, your religion calls atheists evil and morally repugnant. So you can see why I might harbor resentment towards your practices.

    And why would a random person sitting next to you talk about atheism? In what context? Where you taking a theology class? If it was random, that person is clearly mentally unstable or deeply hurt by religion.

  • Brian Murtaugh posted 1808 days ago

    Brian Murtaugh

    Hey Alex, thanks for becoming a fan of my work!

  • Parker Wentzel posted 1827 days ago

    Parker Wentzel

    This might be a dumb question but is your last name actually spelled with one "L" or two?

  • Mike Hoag posted 1870 days ago

    Mike Hoag

    Hey, Alex. Thanks for the fan add!