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Hello world! Bleacher Report is the perfect place for me to indulge in my passion for writing, and my love for Arsenal. I have been an Arsenal fan since 1989, ever since I saw their name in a newspaper and thought it sounded much cooler than other teams such as Sheffield Wednesday (named after a day of the week?) or Crystal Palace (why would anyone play football where there was crystal to be broken?). It's been a tumultuous love affair ever since! I also occasionally write about other sports, such as tennis, as I have an all-round interest in most sports.

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  • Mary O'Shea posted 3194 days ago

    Mary O'Shea

    Arsenal fan since 1989?? Wow I was still a toddler watching Serie A ha ha. I got sucked into the wonderful world of Arsenal in 1994.

  • Mary O'Shea posted 3197 days ago

    Mary O'Shea

    Hi Felix,

    Belated welcome to BR.

    The best way to get better ratings and reads at BR is to get involved in the community. Read other people's articles, leave comments and encourage them to do the same on yours.

    Try to take a unique angle on the way you write and what you write on. It really is a matter of just keep writing articles and getting to know other Bleacher Report writers.

    The football community is a bit quieter than usual at the moment so don't worry if you think you are not getting reads. 1,700 on your "Five Things That Will Define Arsenal" is very impressive.

    If you ever need help with anything, please drop a not on either mine or Shyam's bulletin board. Keep you and great work and drop a note on my bulletin board when you write your next article and I'll be delighted to read it.

    Above all, keep it Goonerish :)

    Arsenal Co-Community Leader,
    Maire Ofeire

    P.S. Don't be put off by people slating you or your articles, I get it a terrible lot believe me :)

  • Goutham Babu posted 3204 days ago

    Goutham Babu

    Hello pls read my second part of Funniest soccer quotes ever[HUMOR]..i think you read the first one so here is the second..

  • Goutham Babu posted 3210 days ago

    Goutham Babu
  • Barney Corkhill posted 3217 days ago

    Barney Corkhill

    The World Football Writer Awards are back! Get Voting!