Allisyn Keyser

Allisyn Keyser


Fact #1: I am a girl.
Fact #2: It's quite possible I know more about sports than you.
Fact #3: If fact #2 is believed to be false, I can make you believe otherwise by (a) dazzling/distracting you with my wits and/or (b) distracting you in general then running away
Fact #4: I heckle/trash talk like it's my job
Fact #5: I got first place and won $500 in an otherwise all-male fantasy football league in 2011-2012
Fact #6: I am never wrong
Fact #7: I am never right
Fact #8: I encourage you to argue with me, especially if you are a tree stump
Fact #9: I am one of few people who was born, raised, and still lives in the beautiful albeit politically backward state of Arizona
Fact #10: In addition to what I do here, every day I'm shufflin'.

I love the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Wildcats, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, and GQ quarterbacks. I also am a fan of the Thunder, Celtics, early 2000s Sacramento Kings, the Baltimore Ravens, and the NY Jets...which has nothing to do with the way super statistically stellar QB Senor Sanchize looks with his helmet off.

Also, being an Arizona sports fan is ROUGH. Apparently, our collective salary cap between the NFL, NBA and MLB teams is somewhere in the range of TWENTY dollars. So ridiculous!

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  • Kevin King posted 1986 days ago

    Kevin King

    As always, thanks for the GREAT JOB Allisyen!

  • Dan Renfro posted 1987 days ago

    Dan Renfro

    Thanks for the edits Allisyn!

  • Riley Kontek posted 1990 days ago

    Riley Kontek

    Thanks for the edits and the compliments. I am glad you enjoyed my style of writing!

  • Chris Stephens posted 1990 days ago

    Chris Stephens

    Thanks for the edits. I was a little worried with all of those editor feedback notifications.

  • Wesley Kaminsky posted 1991 days ago

    Wesley Kaminsky

    Hi Allisyn. Thanks so much for the edits.

  • Hayden Kim posted 1991 days ago

    Hayden Kim

    Thanks for the edit Allisyn, I really appreciate it.

  • Ian Berg posted 1992 days ago

    Ian Berg

    Thanks for the edits Allisyn. Much appreciated.

  • Kevin King posted 1993 days ago

    Kevin King

    Thanks Allisyn! I appreciate your help!


  • Dan Talintyre posted 1994 days ago

    Dan Talintyre

    Haha. I was like, this is the most comprehensive edit ever!! Thanks.

  • Dan Talintyre posted 1994 days ago

    Dan Talintyre

    Hi Allisyn. I think one of my articles is still on edit by you? But it's been like that for over an hour now. If you're still going, no problems at all there, and I'm sorry for being pushy. Just wondering where you're at with it. It's this article —