Real NBA Fan

Real NBA Fan


Favorite NBA Teams:
1. Toronto Raptors
2. Miami Heat
3. Minnesota Timberwolves
4. Washington Wizards

Favorite NCAA Team:
- Louisville Cardinals

Favorite NBA Players:
1. Dwyane Wade
2. John Wall
3. Ricky Rubio
4. LeBron James
5. Anthony Davis
6. Chris Paul
7. Kyle Lowry
8. Victor Oladipo
9. Andrew Wiggins
10. Tyus Jones

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  • Atticus Williams posted 1 hour ago

    Atticus Williams

    Ah, nevermind about Barea, but I hear talk about that the Heat are trying to get Crawford which would be even better.

  • Daniel posted 7 hours ago


    See, thing people don't realize about Rubio is that when he's healthy, he makes the Wolves more competent in ALL facets of the game. Of course, people don't actually watch Wolves games, so they only hear that "Rubio can't shoot". It's true, but he's still a valuable engine to our team.

    Tyus Jones will learn from Rubio and co. He's gonna be really good, don't fret.

    Lol I was thinking more Pek for tin foil, since kit kat melts in the sun and can be chewed on with ease

  • Atticus Williams posted 13 hours ago

    Atticus Williams

    I'm thinking the Heat will get the 3rd seed if healthy for the full season (granted Wade will take 15-20 games off more than likely).
    Winslow showed that he can make impacts all across the board, which is what I like most. I see him averaging 12-3-5 for the season and making one of the all rookie teams.
    I'd like for us to ship Birdman because of his age. He just seems out of it now. He just isn't the same. I don't know about keeping Chalmers, but I'd like for us to give one more chance. He isn't as bad as everyone thinks, he can play, and is a pretty good defensive point guard. Barea would be a nice addition and he can play either guard spot. I still remember when he killed us in the 2011 Finals.

    I see the Heat lineup looking something like this:
    Whiteside/FA Center/Haslem (Haslem for small ball lineups)

    I would like to see Ennis beat out Barea for the backup SG spot, but I don't see him doing it, and I see him playing SF again. I say we put Zoran Dragic, Josh Richardson in the D-League for some extra development. I think both have good potential to be good players in the NBA, just not yet.

  • The Durantula posted 21 hours ago

    The Durantula

    Lakers taking Russell really messed up the Sixers. Maybe Noel and Embiid could coexist in the same frontcourt, but no way they can run a 3 center lineup lol. Do u line up Towns at the 4 or 5 next season? Wolves r gonna be really fun to watch with Wiggins, Lavine, Towns, and Rubio running the show. Lobs for days? New lob city lmao

  • I honestly do believe we're getting closer and closer to Detox. This is the closest we've been yet.

  • Damian C posted 22 hours ago

    Damian C

    Lakers are expected to trade Nick Young for cap space so that's how it's gonna work I guess. I must say I thought the Knicks were doing better moves than the Lakers but now I think it's the other way because we both made good signings for what was possible BUT the Lakers preserved more cap space, and with Kobe gone next summer, we will sign a lot more MARQUEE names.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 23 hours ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah bro i've loved everything the Wizards have done this offseason, our bench is finally looking legit! Something Washington has continuously lacked in over the years! And yeah, Otto should start no doubt. I would be over the moon if we could sign West somehow and dumping some contracts such as Websters and Blairs, but i think they are looking to keep those expirings for when KD hits the market and Beal..

    Yeah bro, we are in the same NFL league. I only got into the NFL last season, but i love it!

  • Atticus Williams posted 1 day ago

    Atticus Williams

    Sorry, I haven't said anything in a while, I was on vacation.

    I'm so happy Wade resigned. It scared me a little bit, but I don't think there was any doubt in my mind that Wade wasn't.

    Where do you see the Heat this year?
    I see them as a 3-5 seed but I said that last year lol.

    Also, Winslow is looking good so far in these first 2 Summer League games.

    Who do you think the Heat should try and sign to be a backup? I like Barea's game, but I can't think of any other options now that Lou Williams is gone. He would have been a nice pickup to backup Wade.

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1 day ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Alex Morgan, from USA's Women's National Team.

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1 day ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    For you bloodthirsty people...