Real NBA Fan

Real NBA Fan


Favorite NBA Teams:
1. Toronto Raptors
2. Miami Heat
3. Minnesota Timberwolves
4. Washington Wizards

Favorite NCAA Team:
- Louisville Cardinals

Favorite NBA Players:
1. Dwyane Wade
2. John Wall
3. Ricky Rubio
4. LeBron James
5. Anthony Davis
6. Chris Paul
7. Kyle Lowry
8. Victor Oladipo
9. Andrew Wiggins
10. Tyus Jones

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  • Miami Heat Fan 4 Life posted 8 hours ago

    Miami Heat Fan 4 Life

    Lol but I think if healthy Holiday is a top 10 PG. I do think Dragic is a top 10 PG and MAYBE Knight is already top 10 point guard. But Holiday when healthy is literally the perfect lead guard for a lot of teams. He does everything real well and can run the pick and roll really well. I'm not sold on Teague that much because he doesn't have that killer instinct or the ability to play the lead role. I didn't put Bled that high cause he has a really bad attitude and gets hit with T's a lot. I think Rubio will get better as he gets healthy. I like Lawson and Jennings over Kemba cause they all do the same thing but Kemba is more inefficient and a worse play maker. He seems like he would be a really good sixth man like IT, but as your lead guard, I don't think so. And I doubt he gets much better. He made a great jump in year 2 but didn't do much after

  • Nice Pic. It's not very common you see a pro pic like that.

  • Miami Heat Fan 4 Life posted 13 hours ago

    Miami Heat Fan 4 Life

    If healthy:
    1A) Dragic
    1B) Holiday
    3) Knight
    4) Bled
    5) Teague
    6) Lawson
    7) Rubio
    8) Jennings
    9) IT
    10) Kemba
    I personally think Kemba is overrated a lot. He starts cause Hornets for some reason view him as a franchise PG, but I would gladly take guys like IT and Jennings over him. Kemba can't shoot, is inefficient, can't defend, and can't make great plays for others. What's you list?

  • Knickerbocker posted 1 day ago


    Luh yu Mohomie

  • We Want The Old Home Page posted 1 day ago

    We Want The Old Home Page

    Thanks bro. I need to have a better pic bro.

  • Real Chicago Fan posted 2 days ago

    Real Chicago Fan

    Yooo just seen your comment lol, thanks tho.

  • We Want The Old Home Page posted 2 days ago

    We Want The Old Home Page


  • Miami Heat Fan 4 Life posted 3 days ago

    Miami Heat Fan 4 Life

    It's been sooooooo slow recently lol. We could use a big trade at least

  • We Want The Old Home Page posted 3 days ago

    We Want The Old Home Page

    Jusuf Nurkic could be good this year. I can see 10 pts, 10 rebs, and 2 blks a game for him. You?

  • Slightly Biased Pats Fan posted 5 days ago

    Slightly Biased Pats Fan

    Hey Real NBA Fan, Imagine this team

    Steph Curry
    James Harden
    Kevin Durant
    Lebron James
    Anthony Davis

    Coached by Gregg P.

    How many wins? And postseason record??