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  • Daniel K posted 3056 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hey Martin!

    You may recall me, we have had some discussions over Bleacher. They had been pretty long, and very intruiging sharing our opinions...when they are the same or different.

    Just wondering...WHAT HAPPEN?! Seems you've been gone for some time now. Hope to see a comeback...not just to commenting...but articles too! -Daniel.

  • Mitch Reber posted 3189 days ago

    Mitch Reber

    Hey I just posted my first article...please give it a read and tell me what you think

  • Darren Feeney posted 3195 days ago

    Darren Feeney

    Who's this year's James Posey?

    Take a look when you get a chance at the X-Factors in the NBA playoffs first round match-ups

  • Bryn Swartz posted 3209 days ago

    Bryn Swartz

    With the Phillies' quest to defend their world championship starting tomorrow night, I was inspired to compose the ultimate top 20 list--my 20 greatest moments as a Philadelphia sports fan.

  • Hao Meng posted 3210 days ago

    Hao Meng

    Hey Martin,

    Decided to have some fun with this. It's a humor piece about Survivor for athletes. I had a blast writing it, and I hope you get a good laugh out of it :)

    If you get the time, I'd love to hear what you think. If not, no worries.

    As always, really appreciate the support!

  • Daniel K posted 3213 days ago

    Daniel K

    By the way, I noticed yesterday the fan add, plus an add as me being one of your favorite articles, what happen, I'm not there anymore?

  • Daniel K posted 3213 days ago

    Daniel K

    Hey Martin. First and for most, thank you for the fan add, I really appreciate that. By the way, I'll check out your articles, I can't promise an immediate comment, I'm a pretty busy, but I'll get to letting you know what I think.
    Thanks again, Happy April Fool's Day!

  • Hao Meng posted 3214 days ago

    Hao Meng

    Martin, thank you very much for the kind words and fan add! I'm glad you enjoyed my articles :)

    I checked out your two articles, and I definitely like what I see so far. You've got a knack for good analysis, and I think if you put it with some more story-telling, you can really excel.

    Please feel free to post new articles on my BB, and I'd be happy to read them and give you my feedback. Keep doing what you're doing, and I assure you, many people will take notice :)

    Keep up the good work!